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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Shades of Blonde for Light Skin and Blue Eyes

From light and bright to soft and natural.
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Q: My hair is mid-length, incredibly fine, and very bleached blonde. I personally think my hair colour is all wrong, but it's what my hair has always been like since I've gotten it highlighted. 

Katie thinks her current hair colour is "all wrong".

I don't know what shade of blonde goes with my skin tone and blue eyes. I think it is naturally dirty blonde but am not sure because I've been highlighting it for a while. I would love if you could tell me the ideal shade of blonde for me. Thank you! — Katie

Katie wants to know her ideal shade of blonde.

A: Katie, what I find interesting about blondes is that they find a tone and stick with it. There is a real commitment blondes have to their colour.

With your colouring, you can play with the full spectrum of colour.

Tone and colour is in the eye of the beholder. Some people see gold; some see red.

This colour has a brightness that would be crazy-pretty on you but at a cost to the condition of your hair. With no gold tones, this is a trade-off...

Ashley Roberts at the 2009 premiere of 'Fame'.

A highlighted version of the same colour and tone would be a little less damaging.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Highlighted blonde hair.

Diane Kruger at the 2014 Fox Summer TCA All-Star Party.

Darker, smudged or Ombré roots and not-so-blonde would be the next level of better-conditioned blonde hair.

Kate Hudson's smudged roots and soft blonde colour.

Lauren Conrad at a 2010 book signing. 

Elizabeth Olsen at the 2014 premiere of 'In Secret.'

Then there is the finale… a perfectly hair-enhancing brunette. 

Cameron Diaz at the 2007 People's Choice Awards.

You can't go wrong if the pigment is deposited properly. With the hair cuticle intact you will have shine a-go-go and keep the most excellent quality hair.

I know you asked about shades of blonde, but I couldn't help myself with this radical shift.


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