Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Cuts for Long, Thick Hair

Think: fluid layers.

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Q: Hello! Thank you so much for having this! My hair is a natural strawberry blonde. I love the colour, but it is getting too long and I have no idea what to do with it. I want to be able to look professional, but also be able to feel sexy and playful.

Brenna loves her natural strawberry blonde colour, but wants a more flattering cut.

My hair is typically straight, but if I let it air-dry, it has curl. I usually end up with layers, but I want something that looks better on me. I've included a photo that shows how short layers looked, but I really felt they were too short. I think they aged my face. I also hate how I look with short hair. In the past, bangs have not been good either. Having the face shape I do makes things difficult. 

Brenna usually gets her hair cut in layers.

I don't have much time to style my hair. My hair is very thick, and while I try to keep it thinned, that makes styling a nightmare. It also does not like to hold colour. I can rock being a redhead but the colour may stay for four days. 

Thank you so much again! — Brenna

Brenna's hair texture is very thick.

A: Brenna, I love your hair as is...

The shorter layer looks like a chunk that is disjointed from the rest of your hair. A more balanced cut would be better.

This length and these layers would work beautifully for you:

Blake Lively at the 2011 Met Gala.

The layers have more fluidity, and would still be long enough to put up.

Again, this is the length I recommend for you:

Amy Adams at the 2008 Oscars.

Parting the hair to the side and tucking it behind one ear gives a polished, sophisticated and professional look.

In response to the red hair colour not lasting, here is the reason why.

Ammonia-based hair colour opens the cuticle of the hair shaft and deposits the pigment. Red is the smallest hair colour pigment. After a couple of washes, the cuticle opens back up from shampooing with hot water—and the colour slides right out.

The best way to keep red in your hair is by using a non-ammonia product. The colour line Chi does not have ammonia and leaves the cuticle intact, so the colour does not bleed when shampooed. This keeps the natural shine as well, because it does not restructure the hair.

A sulfate-free shampoo will also help your colour stay put.


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