Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Hairstyles for a Pear-Shaped Face

These bangs will make your eyes pop.

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Q: Hi Tony. I have a funny face shape—I would say pear? I love the look of bangs and long hair, but I find bangs hard because I have a small forehead. 

Tiffany isn't sure bangs work with her small forehead.

I have pretty thick hair, but it is fine, so it doesn't hold volume or a curl very well. I really love the "bed head" look that has taken over recently, but my hair gets greasy and limp if I apply too much product. I am not very talented at doing my hair, so it's usually in a messy bun or styled straight. 

Tiffany often wears her hair in a bun.

My question is, what cut will help frame my unique face shape in a flattering way, that is easy to style and looks fresh? Thank you! — Tiffany 

A: Hi Tiffany. You have a beautiful face for many hair looks! 

I like the bangs on you. However, they need to be a bit longer, and all the same length—not shorter in the centre. This will help make your eyes pop and show off your bone structure even more beautifully. 

Sophia Bush's long, straight bangs.

The length of the rest of your hair in your picture with the bangs is good. Or, you could even go a bit shorter, to the collarbone.

Ciara at the Roberto Cavalli Spring 2016 show.

Now, what is also important is knowing how to style it. By wrapping random sections of hair around a large-barrelled curling iron, you can get the Boho chic look that you want, without weighing it down with products.

Olivia Wilde at Nylon's Denim issue party in 2011.

 Just don't make the waves too perfect. This should take only 15 minutes, max—your hair is worth it! Make sure to set the waves with a light hairspray. 

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