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15 of the Best Hairstyles for Long, Wavy Hair

You'll look effortlessly romantic.

Last time, we looked at some of the best hairstyles for long, straight hair. Today, we move on to the wavy hair type, with 15 more looks for your styling inspiration! Use this guide as a reference for the top celebrities with your hair type—and the prettiest ways they like to wear it.

The celebs shown here either have naturally wavy hair, or they usually style it that way. Depending on the look, you may be able to DIY on your air-dried hair, or you may need to touch up your waves with a heat tool. 

Ready for some hair ideas? Let's go!

Deep Side Part

Kerry Washington at the 2014 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards.

This is probably Kerry Washington's most gorgeous look, EVER. The deep side part adds instant evening drama to brushed-out waves (which were probably perfected with an iron). The key is the fluffy texture—with no separation of waves—and the gently curled-under ends.

Off-Centre Part

Jamie Chung at the 2011 premiere of 'The Hangover Part II'.

Jamie Chung is wearing the classic "Hollywood hair" that just about every young starlet has done at one point or another. With an easy, off-centre part, the waves start at about ear level, and the direction is off the face (instead of towards it, which gives a more vintage, old Hollywood look). Notice also how the ends are left straight instead of being curling under. Again, make sure you have a soft, brushed-out texture instead of separated curls, which will make it too dated.

Centre Part

Amanda Seyfried at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.

If you want to look the most Rapunzel-like, then take a cue from Amanda Seyfried and wear your wavy hair extra-long and in a straight-down-the-middle part. The waves are big and soft, and not too "done"-looking. The silky-smooth texture is also key. Pure fantasy hair, right here!


Paula Patton at the 2013 premiere of 'Baggage Claim'.

Toss your hair over one shoulder like Paula Patton, and you've got a glam, side-swept look with an old Hollywood feel. Your part can be soft like this, or more defined on one side, and the waves should be loose and touchable. Make sure the ends are curled under for the most polished finish.


Lea Michele at the 2014 final season premiere of 'Sons of Anarchy'.

You wouldn't think bangs with waves would really work, but Lea Michele proves otherwise. Her choppy, face-framing fringe throws the spotlight on her eyes, while the lengths of her hair have tons of wave and texture. It's important that the ends are left straight to keep the look casual and beachy.

Side Bangs

Jennifer Garner at the 2014 Toms for Target launch event.

An even easier way to wear bangs with waves is the way Jennifer Garner does here—pushed over to one side. Her bangs aren't straight or flat, so the look stays cohesive in texture. (You don't want too obvious a contrast between straight bangs and wavy lengths.) Having more forehead showing makes sure all the hair doesn't overwhelm your features.


Bella Thorne at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards.

Half-up styles look fantastic with long waves, as Bella Thorne demonstrates here. You could either pull back the top and sides, as shown, or just the top section for an even fuller look. I'm loving the side bang in the front to soften it (although this would work without bangs, too).

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Pinned Back On One Side

Lauren Conrad at the 2012 Designs for the Cure Gala.

Back when she had long hair, Lauren Conrad sure knew how to style it. Here, she pinned back one side with a sparkly barrette for an easy, pretty way to add interest. Her waves were also perfected with a curling iron—but still loose and soft.


Blake Lively at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards.

We can't talk about long, wavy hair without mentioning Blake Lively! While she usually wears it loose and beachy, this style was all about the 1960s. A satin headband pushes the hair off the face to highlight your features, while helping to create the illusion of tons of volume at the back. For a boho variation on this theme, try a headband across the forehead.

Braided Front

Kate Hudson at the 2009 premiere of 'Nine'.

Wavy hair is the best type for adding little braids, such as this cute one along the front of Kate Hudson's hairline. The lengths look great with a natural texture, enhanced with tons of salt spray and probably twisted around a curling iron in random, imperfect sections.

Messy Braid

Nina Dobrev at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

Of course, the hot style of the moment—the messy braid—is a no-brainer for long, wavy hair, as Nina Dobrev proves here. It looks best done on one side, with a deep side part and lots of loose pieces pulled out. 

High Ponytail

Doutzen Kroes at a 2011 screening of 'La Conquete'.

Have you ever seen a prettier high ponytail?! Waves work SO well for this. Scrunch 'em to the max with texturizing spray, from roots to tips, and then pull back into a beachy ponytail a la Doutzen Kroes. To get even more volume, try doing two ponytails (one underneath the other) instead of just one; this gives the illusion of thicker, fuller, longer hair.

Low Ponytail

Lucy Hale at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

A variation on Doutzen Kroes' beachy ponytail is this lower one, on Lucy Hale. It, too, is super-textured, with waves and straighter ends. There's also a little twisty action, created by twisting and pinning the front half of the hair around the back half (which was secured with an elastic). Notice how she also pushed it forward slightly, for a soft bump at the crown.

High Updo

Zoë Saldana at the 2014 Step Up Annual Inspiration Awards.

Wavy hair is fantastic for updos! Zoë Saldana did a soft twist at the back, high up on the head, with lovely soft piecey bits at the front. This is über-romantic and pretty. 

Low Updo

Kat Dennings at the 2013 premiere of 'Thor: The Dark World'.

Finally, another updo variation—a low side chignon on Kat Dennings. Again, the beauty of the waves is in the pieces you can pull out to frame the face. Don't worry about it being too perfect... this is all about an airy, ethereal vibe.

Long, Wavy Hair Cheat Sheet

15 of the best celebrity hairstyles for long, wavy hair.

What’s your favourite look for long, wavy hair?