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Reviewed: 6 of the Best All-Natural Lipsticks and Lip Pencils from Lily Lolo

So luxurious, you'd never guess they're made with organic and vegan ingredients.

FINALLY, natural lip colours have reached the point where you really can't tell the difference between a chemical-free line and a mainstream, luxury brand.

At least, not if you're using the incredible Natural Lipsticks and Natural Lip Pencils from Lily Lolo, a cult-favourite British range of expertly formulated, high-performance mineral makeup.

Available at Petal & Post—one of my favourite natural beauty e-tailers with worldwide shipping—the products are all ethically crafted using vegan, organic and gluten-free ingredients wherever possible. (You might recall my review of their BB cream, corrector, mascara and lipstick last year.)

Recently, the brand introduced three NEW lipstick shades, along with three lip liners, and I think you're going to be so impressed. I'm here to show you just how gorgeous the colours, textures and finishes truly are. 

Lily Lolo Natural Lipsticks

Lily Lolo's three new shades of Natural Lipstick: Nude Allure, Temptation and Scarlet Red.

The Lily Lolo Natural Lipsticks have one of the most beautiful formulations of any lipstick I've tried—natural or otherwise! 

Super-creamy but lightweight, these coat your lips smoothly and evenly in one swipe. They also have just the right amount of pigment, covering your natural lip tone without looking at all heavy.

The ingredients are all vegan and include vitamin E, plant waxes and organic jojoba oil. That means your lips will stay nourished and protected, with a lovely balmy feel.

Here's a look at each of the new shades:

Best Nude Lipstick

Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick in Nude Allure.

Nude Allure is a natural, peachy beige. Honestly, it's the perfect nude! Often, I find nude lipsticks end up appearing too light, grey or chalky, but not this one. The peachy undertones and radiant finish create a healthy, understated lip look that would work on any skin tone.

Where to buy: Petal & Post

Best Pink Lipstick

Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick in Temptation.

Temptation is a cool-toned, bubblegum pink. I'm usually drawn to warmer shades, but I'm so glad I got to try this—it's really flattering! I think it's because there's a slight yellow undertone here, so it works on both warm and cool complexions. The finish is soft and smooth, and it gives your face a pretty dose of feminine colour.

Where to buy: Petal & Post

Best Red Lipstick

Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick in Scarlet Red.

Scarlet Red is a raspberry red. They really nailed this formula, because you get amazing colour payoff, but with a weightless, modern feel. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't look good in these pinky, berry undertones. The finish is rich and satiny, but you can also blot it down for a softer, stained effect.

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Where to buy: Petal & Post

Lily Lolo Natural Lip Pencils

Lily Lolo's new Natural Lip Pencils: Soft Nude, True Pink and Ruby Red.

I'm particularly excited about the Lily Lolo Natural Lip Pencils because until now, I'd never even found a lip liner made with natural ingredients! They've JUST arrived on the market, and Petal & Post is the first North American retailer to carry them.

The ingredients are vegan-friendly and gluten-free, but the performance is on par with the lip pencils from any of the best makeup artist lines. They glide on smoothly, and have the perfect amount of grip to stay locked in place for hours.

You can use them in combination with any lipstick to prevent feathering, or wear them all over your lips for a matte look, like I've done here:

Best Nude Lip Pencil

Lily Lolo Natural Lip Pencil in Soft Nude.

Soft Nude is a beige nude. I'd describe it as a "your lips, only better" shade that would go with a variety of different lipstick colours. It's also the ideal pencil for cheating a fuller lip shape, if you're into over-lining. When you wear it all over, as I've done here, it imparts a warm, brownish hue that is very on-trend right now. And even though it's matte, it's not drying—I didn't even need any lip balm!

Where to buy: Petal & Post

Best Fuchsia Lip Pencil

Lily Lolo Natural Lip Pencil in True Pink.

True Pink is a hot pink. I just love this colour! Once again, I detect a hint of yellow undertone, so it doesn't read overly cool-toned on the lips. I especially like this one as an alternative to fuchsia lipstick. The texture is matte but comfortable, and it gives a stained effect—such a chic way to wear a bright shade.

Where to buy: Petal & Post

Best Red Lip Pencil

Lily Lolo Natural Lip Pencil in Ruby Red.

Ruby Red is a bright red. This is the liner to reach for when you want that perfect red lip look. It's a true, classic red, and looks as good with matching lipstick as it does on its own. Because it packs such a punch, you need to take your time with the application, but the colour lasts for hours, and doesn't feel drying.

Where to buy: Petal & Post


Find Lily Lolo's Natural Lipsticks and Lip Pencils at Petal & Post.

Whether you're a devoted user of natural and organic makeup, or just someone who loves great lip colour formulas, Lily Lolo is definitely worth a look! 

After trying a few things last year, I already knew they had great makeup, but I was seriously blown away when I tested these new lip shades. How they managed to create such modern, lightweight, non-drying textures and colours with only natural ingredients, I don't know—but I'm so happy to have discovered these.

If I had to pick, I'd say my favourite of the lipsticks is the Scarlet Red, and my favourite lip liner shade is the True Pink. But I know I'll be reaching for all of these again and again!

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