The Best Cuts for Fine Hair and a High Forehead

These details will make a big impact.

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Q: My hair is my security blanket and I think it's time I let go of that. For the longest while—like the past 15 years—I was trying to have Jennifer Aniston hair. I even did the Rachel cut while pregnant. I was thinking about a long bob but am waffling. 

Lisa wants suggestions for her long, fine blonde hair.

Looking for suggestions from the hair guru! (Please excuse the no-makeup look, but this was a now or never idea.) — Lisa

A: Lisa, with only the one picture of you, it is hard to give a finite opinion. 

My first impression is that your hair has to be moved off your face. I think your long locks are enviable and see no reason to cut them shorter.

I think that changing the colour, on the other hand, would be worthwhile dropping a few dollars for. 

I am really excited about this colour for you:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the 2011 Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

The the darker, deeper tones will offset the lighter tones and will frame your face beautifully.

The cut I feel best for you is a long, layered look that could be worn a couple ways:

Hilary Swank at the 2010 London premiere of 'Conviction.'

Please pay attention to the part on a diagonal and then straight back. This is is a great high forehead parting that tricks the eye.

I am sure that you would like a view of a shorter 'do just for variety and curiosity. Here it is casual...

Brooklyn Decker at the 2011 ACM Awards.

And dressed-up...

Jess Weixler's wavy blonde bob.


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