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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Bob and Lob Hairstyles If You Have a Long Face

You've got more styling options than you think.
Bob for long face

Welcome to our Hair Consultations column. Bill Angst is a celebrity hairstylist and the owner of Angst Hair in Toronto, Canada. To request an online hair consultation, follow the instructions here.

Q: Hi there! I'm not sure what hairstyle suits my features. I have been wearing my hair long for almost 10 years now. It's fine, but there's tons of it, and it has a natural curl/wave. I feel messy and sloppy when I don't straighten it, so I mostly blow-dry and use a flat iron, which leads to damage.

Bob for long face

Tiffany has long, ash brown hair that she usually straightens.

Last fall, I wanted to cut it off. But I went to a new hairdresser, and she convinced me to do Ombré highlights instead (my natural colour is ashy brown). I did love them, and it staved off my desire to chop it, but I still find myself wanting a change. 

Bob for long face

Tiffany recent got Ombré highlights, but wants a bigger change.

I'm obsessed with the long bob right now. However, I am 6 feet tall and have quite a long face, so I'm not sure it would work for me.

I am also worried that I am not pretty enough to pull off anything but long, beautiful hair—I feel it's my best feature. But it also holds me back. For example, the styling time that it requires leads me not to work out, for fear of getting it dirty.

Bob for long face

Tiffany is thinking about cutting her hair into a long bob.

Do you think my current length is right for me? Could I pull off the long bob? Thanks! — Tiffany

A: Tiffany, thank you for your consultation request. First and foremost, you are so pretty, and you have such lovely hair, that I think you can wear just about any style you choose. 

To answer your question—yes, long bobs can definitely work on a long face shape. 

In fact, when hair is too long, it can drag your face down and can often make a long face look even longer. 

In contrast, a long bob, cut at about collarbone-length, will help to create the illusion of width so that your face appears shorter than it really is. 

This length would be a great starting point for you, and would be so low-maintenance with your natural waves.

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Cobie Smulders Avengers Endgame world premiere 2019

Cobie Smulders at the 2019 world premiere of 'Avengers: Endgame.'

As you can see, waves and curls will add volume and width to the sides of your face. Just be sure to keep your hair relatively flat on top, as too much height at the crown will lengthen your face (which you don't want).

Play around with this cut by simply switching up your part or adding more texture with a styling wand.

Cobie Smulders American Music Awards 2018

Cobie Smulders at the 2018 American Music Awards.

Wearing it straight, with a slight bend, is also an option for a more controlled and sleek look.

Alison Brie Women in Film Crystal Lucy Awards 2018

Alison Brie at the 2018 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards.

Adding a long, side-swept bang is another detail that will flatter you, whether you wear your hair natural or straightened.

Rose Byrne Adult Beginners Los Angeles premiere 2015

Rose Byrne at the 2015 Los Angeles premiere of 'Adult Beginners.'

Side-swept bangs always bring out the eyes and the cheekbones, and since they sweep across the forehead, they also help to visually shorten a long face. 

Once you're comfortable with your lob, don't be afraid to take the length even shorter. A bob will be equally versatile in your styling options.

Here is a classic side-parted bob with a cool, messy texture.

Lizzy Caplan Ghostbusters Los Angeles premiere 2016

Lizzy Caplan at the 2016 Los Angeles premiere of 'Ghostbusters.'

And this scrunched version with a side-swept bang is pretty for any occasion. 

Rebecca Hall Empire Awards 2013

Rebecca Hall at the 2013 Empire Awards.

My advice is to have as much fun with your hair as you can. Your hair and your beauty are of equal measure.