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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair That Won’t Hold a Style

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Bob haircuts for fine hair

Q: Hello! I was hoping that you could help me pick a hairstyle for my fine hair. It seems to be very unmanageable. It's not very thick, tangles all the time, and always seems to look stringy. 

See how thin and fuzzy the ends look?

Hair consultation - Kristin

Kristin's long, fine hair tangles easily and has thin ends.

It also refuses to hold a style whenever I try to make an effort. I want a style that is low-maintenance, and especially one that can look decent without heat tools, as I rarely use them.

Hair consultation - Kristin

Kristin has trouble getting her hair to hold a style.

As for the colour, I've been using pure henna on my hair for a few years, and I don't plan on changing that. Being a redhead suits me.

Hair consultation - Kristin

Kristin colours her hair red with pure henna.

I haven't gotten a nice haircut at a salon in quite a while, as I cut my own bangs. So I'm in need of some guidance. Thanks so much for your help! — Kristin

A: Kristin, thank you for sending along your request for a hair consultation. For your hair length, I think you should try the most current look right now, which is a bob.

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It should be below your chin, hovering above your collarbone. And slightly angled, but not a hard angle. 

Emma Stone Aloha London premiere 2015

Emma Stone at the 2015 London premiere of 'Aloha.'

Christina Hendricks Johnnie Walker Platinum launch 2013

Christina Hendricks at the 2013 launch of Johnnie Walker Platinum.

Emma Stone Golden Globes 2015

Emma Stone at the 2015 Golden Globes.

With the way you described your hair as fine and hard to style, I think this will suit you very well. It's the most flattering, simple look.

For your bangs, I would definitely do a slanted side bang. They should start from below the eye, on the higher cheek, and then slant down to the lower cheekbone. Your face is a little bit on the wider side, so the slant will help to chisel your shape. It will look great.

Emma Stone Critics' Choice Awards 2017

Emma Stone at the 2017 Critics' Choice Awards.

If you choose to be a redhead, go for it. Your skin can handle it, and the short chop will actually look amazing with red. If possible, I think you should go a little more towards a light golden red. That will suit you more.

Jessica Chastain The Martian Toronto premiere 2015

Jessica Chastain at the Toronto premiere of 'The Martian.'

Your ends are fuzzy because of a lack of moisture. Plus, your hair is too long for where it wants to be. 

To get your hair in better condition, I would use either René Furterer or Kérastase products for fine hair. They don't weigh the hair down. Fine hair will go flat and greasy if you use just anything on it.

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