Behind the Scenes with Carly Rae Jepsen, the New Face of güd

Carly was the guest of honour at this lunchtime launch of güd by Burt's Bees.

The last time I took you behind the scenes with me to a beauty editor event, it was a chi-chi soiréee during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) with L’Oréal Paris face Freida Pinto.

Today? We're going to lunch with Canada's very own Carly Rae Jepsen for the launch of güd by Burt's Bees.

Before we get to CRJ, let's talk about this line a bit. Maybe you've seen it in stores already—it's a new range that the natural beauty company Burt's Bees just introduced to Canada in September. (It's been around in the U.S. a little longer.) It's all hair and body care products, and the premise is that you don't have to sacrifice on fun or fragrance to use healthy, natural formulas. There are 36 SKUs in total and here's a glimpse at what they look like:

Not your typical natural beauty product packaging, see? There are no drawings of hemp; no forest green or beige colour schemes; no ugly Papyrus font. (Thank God for that.) There are five scent collections and everything is 97 percent natural and free of parabens, phthalates and petrochemicals. Plus the price is right—just $6.99 each!

I have to say, I see this as a really good sign for the natural beauty movement. It's totally going mainstream: these products feel and smell (and work) just like "regular" beauty products, and are at the same price point. I'd love for us to get to the point where being formulated this way is just a given, and we make our beauty decisions based on other factors. Because really, who wouldn't want to use healthier products, right? It's not just the crunchy granola types—not at all!

Now, back to the event. As was the case with Freida, you definitely don't say no when an invite lands in your mailbox mentioning that Carly Rae Jepsen will be at your lunch.

I know, it happened in June but that's the amount of lead time we operate with in magazine land—I'm never able to be all yogic and "in the moment" because I'm constantly living my life months in advance. (Right now, the calendar may say October but it's actually February.) Anyway, I wanted to hold off telling you guys about this 'til it was in stores, which it is now!

One of the coolest things about this event was the attention to detail with the décor. In keeping with the natural theme, the space was accessorized with lush flowers and greenery, including these adorable little clay pots with cheeky güd slogans on them:

This one made me LOL.

Here's a look at the room. Gardener's heaven! At the very back you'll see four buckets of flowers. After the lunch, they had a florist there who made each guest a small bouquet to take home. What a special touch!

And here's a look at us mingling. (Plus, how great are those hanging flowers and lanterns?! LOVE.)

I'm in the striped dress and clearly I forgot to wear Spanx that day. (Either that, or I have lordosis.)

Here are the pretty roses decorating the tables:

And the delicious menu (spoiled much?):

Here I am with fellow freelancer Megan. Redheads corner!

They served us a choice of freshly squeezed juices that were to die for. (And check out that mural in the background made of real grass and flowers!)

I don't know what it's like in New York, but in Toronto, beauty editors EAT.

After the main course, we were served teas from David's Teas. (That company's the best thing to ever happen for us poor, neglected tea drinkers, I say.)

And here's a look at the decadent dessert:

Then it was time for Carly to come out! Yeah, she didn't actually eat with us civilians. Here she is emerging from another room, and I have NO idea what I am doing. (Blowing my nose? Rubbing my eyes? Taking a photo? It's a mystery.)

Carly (or do you say Carly Rae—is Rae part of her first name or her last name?) looked amazing. She's very petite and wore a sleeveless lacy blouse with black pants and high, high heels. Beauty-wise, as you can see, her hair was in a high bun with bangs and two pieces pulled out to frame her face. The colour was redder than we've seen it; I think this shade is really flattering on her.

She was wearing a lot of eye makeup—lashes, liner, shadow—and when you see the photo of us together in a minute, with me just wearing mascara, you'll understand why. (I have GOT to start wearing more makeup to events. My eyes just disappear in photos.) On her lips was a sheer pink gloss and her nails were painted aqua blue.

After we all finished eating, she got up to say a few words about the launch and how excited she is to be working with Burt's and güd—and she was very polished, very charming and very adorable. She actually did an interview on BT that same morning, so to hear her speak, have a watch of that here.

The last treat was that we all got the chance to have our picture taken with Carly in front of the güd mural...

As usual, I look slightly crazed. If there was a thought bubble beside my head, it would read, "OMG! I'm standing next to a real, live celebrity!?!"

Then I went home and tried the products and I was pleasantly surprised. The fragrances almost make your mouth water, they're so intense—but in a good way. (Or I should say, "güd" way.) They don't have any of the chemical, fake undertones that tend to give me a headache with mainstream stuff. Win-win!

Find the güd by Burt's Bees range at, Target, Walgreens and

Tell me:

Do you think Carly Rae Jepsen is a good fit for this line?

Have you tried anything from güd yet?

How do you feel about natural products becoming more mainstream?

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