Check Out These Reader Before and Afters from the Clairol Makeover Challenge!

Subtle, natural, "you only better" beauty changes.


Wowza—August 16th was a big day over here at HQ. And an even bigger day for the winners of our Clairol Makeover Challenge!

From a whopping 350+ entries, 13 lucky winners got the full VIP treatment at Toronto's Hair on the Avenue salon. You know how on certain TV shows the contestants all have to go to the salon to get makeovers? Well it was kind of like that, except without any tears or Jay Manuel forcing people to cut off all their hair.

Nope—not only were scissors NOT involved, the makeovers were all about SUBTLE, NATURAL, "you only better" changes. And by better, I mean every single one of the girls left with beautiful, soft, shiny, rich-looking hair.

Luis Pacheco, owner of Hair on the Avenue and consulting colourist for Clairol...

...kicked things off with colour consultations: each winner was matched up with her best shade of Clairol Natural Instincts. This is truly goof-proof colour: it works in just 10 minutes, is ammonia-free, covers grays and is designed for a subtle effect within two or three shades of your current colour. It's also a demi-permanent, so it'll fade gradually without leaving a harsh line at the roots.

After the consults, Before photos were taken, hair was dyed, washed, blow-dried and styled... and then four extremely talented makeup artists from Toronto's Judy Inc. went to town with CoverGirl makeup.

And WE—

—as in (from left to right, above) blogger hostesses Janine from BeautyGeeks, yours truly from, Ali from ChickAdvisor and Shan from Coco&Lowe—were 100% blown away.

Take a look for yourself...


UPDATE: The shade used was #35 - Ebony Mocha.


UPDATE: The shade used was #28 - Nutmeg.


UPDATE: The shade used was #28G - Golden Cappuccino.


UPDATE: The shade used was #28 - Nutmeg.


UPDATE: The shade used was #31 - Coffee creme.


UPDATE: Photo removed by request.


UPDATE: The shade used was #31 - Coffee creme.


UPDATE: The shade used was #28G - Golden Cappuccino.


UPDATE: The shade used was #12 - Toasted Almond.


UPDATE: The shade used was #36 - Midnight.


UPDATE: The shade used was #35 - Ebony Mocha.


UPDATE: The shade used was #30 - Rosewood.


UPDATE: The shades used were #12 - Toasted Almond and #9G - Golden Honey.

Photos: Vincent Lions, Judy Inc.

Do these girls have great hair or what?

There are a few lessons here:

1. You can absolutely look amazing using products available at the drugstore: the Clairol Natural Instincts products used in the makeovers generally retail for under $12 each!


2. You don't need to make radical changes to look and feel like a million bucks. Don't these ladies look like themselves... only better? A demi-permanent colour like Natural Instincts is all about celebrating your natural beauty with subtle enhancements.

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And let me know...

What do you think of these makeovers?

Have you ever tried Clairol Natural Instincts?

Could you—would you—after seeing these results?

PS. Want to try Clairol Natural Instincts yourself? Clairol challenges you to put them to the test: With Natural Instincts® you'll see great colour that's healthier-looking*—SATISFACTION GUARANTEED† —or they'll refund your purchase and pay for two boxes of your old colour. Plus you can get a coupon to use on your next purchase of Natural Instincts and save up to $4. Click here for details.

*vs. untreated hair

†Satisfaction guaranteed or we will refund you for one Natural Instincts® box and the value of 2 boxes of your old/replacement at-home hair colour (up to maximum $36). Call 1-800-CLAIROL for details. Requirement includes sending original cash receipts within 60 days of purchase for Natural Instincts® and 1 box of your old/replacement at-home hair colour with purchase price circled. Offer valid until December 31, 2010. Limit 1 refund offer per name, household or address.

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