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Chrissy Teigen, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the model and ‘Lip Sync Battle’ star.
Chrissy Teigen before and after

“Everything about me is fake except my cheeks,” Chrissy Teigen once proclaimed. That was back in 2017, when the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model turned Lip Sync Battle host pointed to her forehead, nose and lips as she declared: “Fake, fake, fake.”[1]

It’s the first time a celeb has been so candid in Before & After history! As you know, most stars deny that they’ve ever had work done, despite glaring evidence to the contrary. (Some, like Khloé Kardashian, even go as far as calling naysayers “bitches.”) So it’s very refreshing to hear Chrissy speak so candidly.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Or did she? A few days later, in a since-deleted Twitter post, she claimed she was only joking, and suggested that armpit liposuction is the only procedure she’s undergone. 

But we know that’s untrue, because in 2020, she announced that she was having her breast implants taken out.[2] Then, in 2021, she revealed that she had her buccal fat pads removed,[3] and later got an eyebrow transplant.[4]

Clearly Chrissy, now 36, is no stranger to plastic surgery—even if she doesn’t always own up to it. Let’s take a closer look at how her face has changed over the years, from 2009 until now.

From 2009-2010: Before She Was Famous

Chrissy Teigen Oscars 2009
Chrissy Teigen MOCA 30th Anniversary Gala 2009
Chrissy Teigen BNP Paribas Taste of Tennis 2010

From 2011-2013: Social Media Superstar

Chrissy Teigen El Museo del Barrio Gala 2011
Chrissy Teigen What to Expect When You're Expecting New York City premiere 2012
Chrissy Teigen Vegas Magazine Celebration 2013

From 2014-2015: Landing on the A-List

Chrissy Teigen Variety Power of Women Event 2014
Chrissy Teigen Grammys 2015
Chrissy Teigen La Mer Celebration 2015

From 2016-2018: Embracing Motherhood

Chrissy Teigen Lip Sync Battle FYC Event 2016
Chrissy Teigen Beauty and the Beast world premiere 2017
Chrissy Teigen Daily Front Row Fashion Awards 2018