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How to Do Chrissy Teigen’s Skincare Routine

Her favourite products for fresh, glowing skin.
Chrissy Teigen skincare routine

Chrissy Teigen rose to fame as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model with an unabashed love for junk food. But that’s not the only seemingly unfair aspect of her life. Despite maintaining a flawless complexion, she has admitted to barely working for it.

“When I come home after a long day, I’m not great about keeping everything up—the serums, the lotions, and the potions that I have,” she declared at age 29. “Sometimes, I don’t even wash my face.”[1]

But as she’s gotten older, she’s been putting more effort in. “I will admit I am def proud [of] my skin lately and feeling myself,” she boasted more recently on her Instagram.[2] 

Now 35, Chrissy says her main issue is dryness. “I’m very dry all the time, so anything that gets me moisture, I’m happy with. I like having glowing, fresh skin.” (Don’t we all?!) However, in the spirit of keeping it real, she has also shared evidence of blackheads and the occasional pimple. “I fully believe that if you show the good, you’ve got to show the bad. This is the bad.”

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Not one for complicated routines, she relies on a rotation of products and treatments recommended by her trusted celebrity skin experts. She also has a wardrobe of face masks, pore strips and pimple patches to target every possible skin issue. 

Here’s a closer look at everything she uses on her skin, morning and night.

Chrissy Teigen’s Skincare Routine (At a Glance)