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Reviewed: CND’s Flora & Fauna Nail Polish Collection (It Will Have You Ready for Spring!)

Eight gorgeous shades.
CND Vinylux Flora and Fauna Collection

So we're smack in the middle of winter, and what arrives at my doorstep? CND's new Flora & Fauna collection, looking all pretty and spring-like. If only the weather were more flora than frigid (it's, like, -45ºC outside as I type this). 

Despite the snow piling up, I can't help but love this eight-piece collection of spring colours—which are Vinylux Weekly Polish shades, requiring no base coat, just the Long Wear Top Coat, for one week of chip-free wear. 

Now I have a glimmer of hope that yes, the snow WILL melt and eventually grass will grow... but until then, these shades will tide us over. Let's get to the swatches! 

Field Fox

CND Vinylux Field Fox

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Field Fox

Field Fox is a neutral taupe-grey that went on really well in two coats. I'm always into these types of shades... they go with everything and pretty much flatter all skin tones! 

Thistle Thicket

CND Vinylux Thistle Thicket

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Thistle Thicket

Thistle Thicket... say that five times in a row! This tongue-twister of a nail polish shade is SO NICE. In the bottle, it just looks like your average light grey, but on the nails, it has the slightest hint of blue. I find it so chic! Application was a breeze and good in two coats.


CND Vinylux Creekside

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Creekside

Gimme, gimme, gimme! Creekside is a gorgeous, creamy pastel blue; the kind I want to wear all spring long. It was pretty good in two coats, but you can see some patchiness on my ring finger. Not a deal breaker, though. 

Wild Moss

CND Vinylux Wild Moss

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Wild Moss

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

How unique is this colour? The gold flecks in Wild Moss go so well with the green. I actually have nothing like this in my ridiculous polish stash. Good on you, CND! Two coats was all I needed. 


CND Vinylux Dandelion

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Dandelion

Dandelion was my least favourite out of all eight colours. I think it would have worked better as a peachy cream shade—without the pearly shimmer that gives me major grandma vibes. It was pretty good in two coats, but a little streaky in some areas. 

Fragrant Freesia

CND Vinylux Fragrant Freesia

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Fragrant Freesia

This nude colour, Fragrant Freesia, is one of the most unique I've ever swatched. It's got a neutral base, but there's a micro-fine pink shimmer added in, along with some really light, almost invisible flakes. It makes for SUCH a delicate, feminine look that's so on-point for spring. I was pleasantly surprised that this took only two coats. 

Blush Teddy

CND Vinylux Blush Teddy

CND Vinylux Blush Teddy

Blush Teddy is your typical spring pink, but it's got a little something extra with micro pink shimmer running through it (you can't see it on the nail, but you'll catch it if you look at the bottle). Not the most unique colour, but still pretty and great in two coats.

Salmon Run

CND Vinylux Salmon Run

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Salmon Run

I love a good cream coral, and Salmon Run is no exception (in two coats as well). I like that this one is bright enough to pop against my skin.

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