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Reviewed: An Organic Coconut Oil in a Travel-Friendly Tube

Don't leave home without your Conscious Coconut Oil.

If you asked me what my desert island beauty product would be, obviously I'd say coconut oil. 

This is pretty much my philosophy: 

Problem is, coconut oil isn't exactly the most portable thing. I mean, my big tub of Nutiva is fine sitting on the bathroom counter, but it wouldn't even fit in my purse. Even RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream, which comes in a jar, is a little awkward to carry around.

But now there's a brand that has invented the beauty product I always needed, but could never find. Organic coconut oil in a travel-friendly tube!

Conscious Coconut's Organic Coconut Oil.

As soon as I spotted Conscious Coconut's Organic Coconut Oil on my last trip to The Detox Market, I knew I had to buy it.

Not only does it offer a more convenient way to use coconut oil on the go, but it's also a wonderful way to support sustainable farming practices and social responsibility.

Here's why I'm so impressed.

Conscious Coconut Ingredients

All that's in here is organic coconut oil—nothing else.

The only thing in here is high-quality, organic, virgin coconut oil, created without the use of heat or pressure:

100% USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil.

Often with other brands, you'll see added fragrances or cheap oils mixed in with the coconut oil. So I really appreciate that Conscious Coconut left it alone in its natural, unadulterated form. 

As for the quality, I think it does make a difference, and is important when you're using it on your face. The less refined the coconut oil, the higher it will be in lauric acid, caprylic acid, vitamin E and antioxidants—all of which can give additional benefits to your skin beyond just moisturization.

Conscious Coconut Packaging

It's packaged in a tube with a wooden cap.

The tube itself is about the size of a hand cream—100 mL—and comes with the coolest chunky wooden cap. (Seriously, so much love for the cap!)

You do have to keep in mind that coconut oil will melt at 24 °C / 76 °F. You'll know when this has happened, because it will completely liquefy in the tube. But no worries—you can just gently tip the opening to pour some into the palm of your hand, to control the amount that flows out. 

As long as you tighten the cap back on as normal, you don't have to worry about leakage. 

Conscious Coconut Texture

The texture varies from rich and buttery to a liquid oil.

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Again, the consistency of the oil will vary depending on the temperature.

Personally, I prefer it to have a more solid, buttery texture. If your room is on the warmer side, simply pop the tube in the freezer for about five minutes and the oil will firm right up (that's what I did for these pics!). 

You can always massage the tube with your hands or run it under warm water if it becomes too hard to squeeze out.

How to Use Conscious Coconut Oil

Let me count the ways:

  • Makeup remover and/or face wash (remove it with a steamy warm cloth, repeating up to four times!)
  • Face and body moisturizer
  • Under-eye cream
  • Hair conditioner
  • After-sun care
  • Shaving cream
  • Oil pulling
  • Metabolism booster (see here!)
  • A snack! (if you're in a pinch, why not?)

How Conscious Coconut Gives Back

There are three more things that make Conscious Coconut Organic Coconut Oil quite special.

For every tube that is sold, a child in need is given a meal through Feeding America food banks.

The tubes themselves are also packaged by adults with developmental disabilities at the MacDonald Training Center in Tampa, Florida.

And the company is certified through Fair Trade USA, partnering directly with farmers and factory workers to ensure just compensation and fair employment conditions. 


If you're specifically looking for a high-quality raw coconut oil to include in your skincare routine, to keep in your purse or to travel with, I think this is a fantastic option. The packaging is super-convenient, and it's just so darn pretty!

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