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Elsa Hosk, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the Victoria's Secret Angel.
Elsa Hosk before and after

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show may be cancelled, but Elsa Hosk—who has been an Angel since 2015—shows no signs of slowing down. 

The 31-year-old Swedish model was recently nominated for Model of the Year at the annual Revolve Awards, and with more than six million Instagram followers, has become an influencer in her own right, too.

But while many in her target audience are focusing on her sense of style (or how she looks in a bikini!), I've been paying more attention to Elsa's face. 

In fact, her changing features have been a hot topic on this website for some time now. I swear, whenever I publish a picture of her from the red carpet, there's bound to be speculation about her swollen lips... and tiny nose.

So let's take a closer look at Elsa's beauty evolution over the years to see what, if anything, is going on here!

Elsa in 2005

Elsa Hosk 2005

Elsa Hosk in 2005.

Our first photo (which Elsa herself shared on Instagram) dates back to 2005, when she was just 16 years old. Even with braces, it's clear that she was "model material" from a young age. We can see that she's a natural blonde, and her eyes were always incredibly striking.

Elsa in 2012

Elsa Hosk 2012

Elsa Hosk in 2012.

Fast-forward to 2012, and she'd moved from her native Stockholm to New York City, where her modelling career was taking off. Here, in another shot from her Instagram, she showed off her natural freckles—and her natural lips before injections! Fun fact: Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift created this look with her own RMS Beauty products.

Elsa in 2013

Elsa Hosk Angel Ball 2013

Elsa Hosk at the 2013 Angel Ball.

By age 24, Elsa was a regular on the Victoria's Secret runway, although she wouldn't officially get her Angel wings until two years later. I love how natural she looks with sandy blonde hair and seemingly foundation-free skin. But see how the sides of her nose (the "nasal wings") seem carved out? And how her nasal tip almost droops down? To me, this suggests a possible rhinoplasty early on in her career.

Elsa in 2014

Elsa Hosk amfAR Inspiration Gala 2014

Elsa Hosk at the 2014 amfAR Inspiration Gala.

Elsa's love of over-lined lips goes way back, as you can see—although they weren't exaggerated to the point they are now, and they don't appear to be puffed up with fillers (yet!). She still had a "girl next door" vibe at this point, with casual, loose waves and soft brown smoky eyes.

Elsa in 2015

Elsa Hosk Cantor Charity Day 2015

Elsa Hosk at the 2015 Cantor Charity Day.

But the fresh-faced look wouldn't last. The next year, she amped things up with a radically lighter yellow-blonde hair colour. I'm not sure how I feel about it, as it seems to bring out all the redness in her skin. Also notice the black winged liner, which would soon become her signature makeup look. And her nose is super petite and button-like. 

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Elsa in 2016

Elsa Hosk Victoria's Secret Easy Collection launch 2016

Elsa Hosk at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Easy Collection launch.

This has to be my favourite picture of Elsa. I love the peachy makeup, and now she's got a slightly darker and warmer hair colour, which really flatters her spray-tanned skin. However, it was around this time that she started dabbling with lip injections, if her newly swollen upper lip is any indication. Even with the ring of lip liner, it's obvious because her Cupid's bow has been obliterated.

Elsa in 2017

Elsa Hosk Revolve Awards 2017

Elsa Hosk at the 2017 Revolve Awards.

For this 2017 event, she went with a completely different style, wearing her hair up in a faux bob with a chic black headband and '60s-inspired eyeliner. Her lips still seem bee-stung from the combination of injections and lip liner, and I can't help but notice how unnaturally small her nose looks. But there seems to be a new development since 2015—that one lifted brow. 

Elsa in 2018

Elsa Hosk Revolve Awards 2018

Elsa Hosk at the 2018 Revolve Awards.

Despite the previous year's cosmetic tinkering, I wasn't prepared for this shot of Elsa at age 29. These lips are far from subtle! Now, it's not just the top one that's been plumped-up; both are so full that they overpower her delicate features. Along with her raised eyebrow, which may be from Botox, and whittled-down nose, she definitely looks "enhanced." 

Elsa in 2019

Elsa Hosk Revolve Awards 2019

Elsa Hosk at the 2019 Revolve Awards.

Then we have Elsa's most recent red carpet appearance, where she looks like an actual doll. Big eyes, bigger lips, chiseled cheekbones and a button nose—I stare at her and think, "Is this even a real person?!" (Know what I mean?) I would venture a guess that the fillers are now happening not just in her lips but also her cheeks, and that Botox is being used to both lift her eye area and smooth her forehead. Her freckles have also disappeared, but thankfully that's just makeup!

Elsa in 2020

Elsa Hosk 2020

Elsa Hosk in 2020.

Without any red carpet events to get dressed up for lately, Elsa has been sharing looks via her Instagram. Even with her go-to lip-lining technique (which she demonstrated in a video here), it appears that her fillers are still going strong!

Elsa Hosk Before and After

Elsa Hosk before and after

Elsa Hosk in 2005 (left) and in 2019 (right).

Elsa is one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world—but even she has succumbed to the current trend of enhancing her lips with fillers. That much is clear from this before-and-after comparison! 

And that may not be the only area she's had injected. At 31, her cheekbones seem more sculpted than ever before (which can be achieved with Restylane), and her forehead is smooth and line-free (which may be due to Botox).

What's more, she didn't have that quizzical brow as a teenager—it only started to become apparent around 2017. We know that Botox can trigger such an effect, a phenomenon known as "Spocking." I suspect it's been used to lift her eyes and create more lid space. 

As for her nose, it's a little harder to tell whether she's undergone plastic surgery. Since she's smiling in the 2005 photo, which automatically makes your nose look wider, we don't have strong evidence of what it looked like "before." 

Still, going by her profile shot from 2013, I'm reminded of Dove Cameron's nose and how the tip droops down towards her lips. The same phenomenon may be happening here, although it's nowhere near that extreme. Elsa may have had cartilage removed from her nasal wings as well. Mother Nature just doesn't make noses this tiny! 

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