Emily Blunt, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Devil Wears Prada' star.
Emily Blunt before and after

After starring in Mary Poppins Returns, The Girl on the Train and The Young Victoria, Emily Blunt, 35, has become one of the most respected actresses of her generation.

But she is perhaps best-known for her first major role, in The Devil Wears Prada—where many thought she outshone Anne Hathaway as Miranda Priestly's senior assistant.

Thirteen years have passed since then, and there's no getting around it: Emily is looking a little different these days.

Let's take a closer look at her beauty evolution from the early 2000s to today.

Emily as a Teenager

Emily Blunt, headshot

Emily Blunt in an early headshot.

In what was likely her first headshot, Emily was around 18 years old. Her eyes are so beautiful and expressive! Another distinctive feature was her cleft chin. Also notice her well-proportioned lips and nose, and her natural hair colour (light brown).

Emily in 2001

Emily Blunt, The Royal Family premiere, 2001

Emily Blunt at the 2001 opening night of 'The Royal Family.'

In 2001, Emily made her red carpet debut, along with newly blonde hair. ("Not an attractive shade," she told InStyle. "It's a combination of lemon juice and Sun-In.") I don't know, I actually like it! Anyone else getting Kate Winslet vibes here? 

Emily in 2004

Emily Blunt, British Independent Film Awards, 2004

Emily Blunt at the 2004 British Independent Film Awards.

By 2004, the British actress had gone back to light brown, styled in those Sienna Miller-esque Boho waves that were so popular in the mid-'00s. She looks so pretty and fresh-faced. Here, we can also see Emily's original teeth, before they were replaced by veneers.

Emily in 2005

Emily Blunt, Sydney Film Festival, 2005

Emily Blunt at the 2005 Sydney Film Festival.

To star in My Summer of Love, Emily took her hair dark brown—a shade she'd stick with for the next few years of her early fame. This photo gives us another look at her smile. Yes, it was slightly gummy, but I wouldn't have changed anything! Also notice how her nose dips down towards her upper lip.

Emily in 2006

Emily Blunt, The Devil Wears Prada premiere, 2006

Emily Blunt at the 2006 premiere of 'The Devil Wears Prada.'

When The Devil Wears Prada came out in 2006, Emily elevated her red carpet style with professional hair and makeup. She has a red tint through the dark brown, probably left over from the movie. This was always my favourite colour for her—it's just so striking with her skin tone! Again, look at the relationship between her lips and nose, because that's about to change.

Emily Blunt, Hollywood Life Breakthrough Awards, 2006

Emily Blunt at Hollywood Life's 2006 Breakthrough Awards.

Six months later, Emily looks different, right? Yes, it's partly her hair colour (now more dark brown than red). But there's also something about her jawline, lips and nose. It could just some nose work, or it could be that she's not smiling here, which lifts up her features. The dimple in her chin remains the same... so far.

Emily in 2007

Emily Blunt, Women in Film Crystal and Lucy Awards, 2007

Emily Blunt at the 2007 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards.

See what I mean about Emily's face really changing when she smiles? In 2007, she lightened up her look with some strawberry highlights and what appears to be a spray tan. Her teeth look more perfect, too, but we'll get a better look at them in the next shot.

Emily in 2008

Emily Blunt, AFI Fest, 2008

Emily Blunt at AFI Fest 2008.

In 2008, it was back to brown hair, and a big smile to show off her teeth. They're definitely a little whiter than in 2004, but possibly longer as well! Still, Emily looks quite natural here, with barely any makeup. 

Emily in 2009

Emily Blunt, The Young Victoria New York premiere, 2009

Emily Blunt at the 2009 New York premiere of 'The Young Victoria.'

What just happened between 2008 and 2009?! I double checked and I can assure you that this IS Emily Blunt. She's just unrecognizable for some reason, and I think it has to do with her chin and mouth region. I'd put my money on a chin implant! Her teeth and lower lip also look a lot bigger here.

Emily in 2010

Emily Blunt, The Wolfman Berlin photocall, 2010

Emily Blunt at the 2010 Berlin photocall for 'The Wolfman.'

Emily looked a little more like herself in 2010; she was 27 here. The cleft in her chin is back now, so my guess is that the implant was removed or traded for a subtler one. But I think her nose was probably refined by this point. See that wrinkle down the one side? That's an odd place to get a crease if nothing was altered.

Emily in 2011

Emily Blunt, Kennedy Center Honors, 2011

Emily Blunt at the 2011 Kennedy Center Honors.

In 2011, Emily got the lob haircut that every celeb was sporting at the time. (She looks very early Katy Perry, no?) I think it's clear that her nose is a lot more petite now, but I think we're still seeing her natural chin and jawline. Even though she was only 28 at this time, she has the kind of face that is predisposed to getting jowly. That soon changes, though!

Emily in 2012

Emily Blunt, Comic-Con, 2012

Emily Blunt at the 2012 Comic-Con panel for 'Looper.'

In fact, I can see a change right here. Besides the blonde Ombré (another big trend of that era), Emily's face shows evidence of more cosmetic tinkering. For one thing, her jawline is tighter. I'm also seeing plumper lips than she had previously.

Emily in 2013

Emily Blunt, Arthur Newman premiere, 2013

Emily Blunt at the 2013 premiere of 'Arthur Newman.'

By 2013, Emily's face seems to have lost that early baby fat—but I don't think she was dabbling in cheek fillers just yet. I only suspect injections in her upper lip so far.

Emily Blunt, American Institute for Stuttering Benefit Gala, 2013

Emily Blunt at American Institute for Stuttering 2013 Benefit Gala.

Later in 2013, Emily went fully blonde for the first time since 2001. I don't think I'd have recognized her! The other big change is her super white "Hollywood" teeth.

Emily in 2014

Emily Blunt, Into the Woods premiere, 2014

Emily Blunt at the 2014 premiere of 'Into the Woods.'

The next year, Emily was brunette again, and really started having fun with her makeup. (Case in point: This dramatic Ombré lip.) She also grew out her brows—they're twice the size compared to 2009!

Emily in 2015

Emily Blunt, Sicario Cannes photocall, 2015

Emily Blunt at the 2015 Cannes photocall for 'Sicario.'

Yet another hair colour change in 2015—and this one's my favourite blonde that Emily has ever had. She lightened up her brows to match, and it all gives her a completely new look. With red lipstick, it's harder to tell whether she's still doing fillers (but I think so, in the top lip).

Emily in 2016

Emily Blunt, Academy Awards, 2016

Emily Blunt at the 2016 Academy Awards.

Another year, another hair colour. In 2016, Emily returned to a light brown that looks close to her natural hue. This photo really struck me because of her obviously filled upper lip. My theory is that she does it to reduce the space between her nose and mouth (which was increased after the tip of her nose was shortened).

Emily in 2017

Emily Blunt, SAG Awards, 2017

Emily Blunt at the 2017 SAG Awards.

In 2017, Emily added tons of blonde highlights to her hair, but kept her brows darker. Compared to 2015, I feel like this colour washes her out. The lip injections were still going strong, but she's not Botoxing her forehead or crow's feet.

Emily in 2018

Emily Blunt, Mary Poppins Returns Cinema Society screening, 2018

Emily Blunt at the 2018 Cinema Society screening of 'Mary Poppins Returns.'

Emily rocked a different look for this 2018 Mary Poppins screening, but it wasn't her hair and makeup that struck me here. It was her teeth. We haven't seen them since 2013, and don't they look like she had new veneers put in? I can't imagine why! Also note how her upper lip stays full now, even when smiling. That would be from filler.

Emily in 2019

Emily Blunt, Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2019

Emily Blunt at the 2019 Palm Springs International Film Festival.

That brings us to 2019, just before Emily's 36th birthday next month. It's funny, I would have guessed that the crease beside her nose was from Botox if I hadn't seen it in so many earlier photos! But I do think she's probably using it elsewhere by now, along with fillers in her lips and cheeks. The "Chiclets" teeth are very distracting!

Emily Blunt Before and After

Emily Blunt before and after

Emily Blunt as a teenager (left) and in 2016 (right).

Emily Blunt before and after

Emily Blunt in 2007 (left) and in 2019 (right).

Like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Mandy Moore, Emily Blunt is one of those fresh-faced celebs that you don't think would have cosmetic work. 

It's not until you compare her face from more than 10 years ago to what it looks like now that you see some subtle changes—like plumped-up lips, a smaller nose and bright white porcelain veneers. (Okay, that last change wasn't subtle at all.) It also seems like she may have had a procedure to tighten her jawline, like liposuction. The rumoured chin implant, I think she had and then either took it out or replaced it with a smaller one.

So what do the experts think? Definitely fillers, to start. "Volume looks to have been created around the border of her lips as well as in the top and bottom lips using filler," cosmetic nurse and lip specialist Sarah Sheedy told The Sun.

There's no question about the veneers, either. "It appears this beautiful, talented actor had someone redo her smile and the result is overbuilt and not attractive," says Dr. Wendy Specktor, a cosmetic dentist. "Now when she smiles—and that's rare in recent photos—the viewer is struck by her flat, oversized front teeth."

"[She] may have had some minor modifications to her nose," adds Dr. Paul Nassif. "If so, they are very subtle, and barely noticeable." But as for a chin implant, he says it's "difficult to determine."

Emily is gorgeous before AND after, but personally, I can't help wishing that she'd left her face au naturel. You? 

How do you feel about Emily's beauty evolution?
Which of these looks is your favourite?
What "beauty work" do you think she's had done?

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