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Why You Need to Exfoliate Your Skin Every Day

As long you're gentle, it's one of the best ways to improve your complexion.

If you were to ask me, "What's the number one thing I can do for my skin, that will make the BIGGEST difference?" 

I would never feed you some tired line about drinking more water. (Jennifer Aniston is wrong. It does nothing.) 

Nor would I tell you to reduce stress, eat better, exercise or get more sleep. I mean, sure—we're all up to speed on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Vacation skin is the best skin. But it's not like most of us can suddenly find more hours in the day for "me time," in the pursuit of nicer complexions. 

So what's something that anyone can do for their skin—that is quick, easy and produces fast, noticeable RESULTS? 

My answer: Daily exfoliation. Maybe even twice a day!

Why Exfoliate?

Before we get into the frequency thing—which is controversial, yes!—let's backtrack a bit. You're probably aware of the benefits of exfoliation in general.

Our skin operates on a 28-day cycle whereby the live cells at the bottom layer of the epidermis (keratinocytes) gradually become harder as they work their way up to the surface—where they die and flake off to reveal the new cells underneath. 

The 28-day skin cycle.