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Ask a Hairstylist: How to Make Long, Thick Hair More Exciting

The sky is the limit.
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Q: My main hair problem is that I am getting bored with my hair. I have medium to long brown hair (slightly shorter now than in these photos, but not much) that is very thick—and as I grow older, is becoming straighter. When I was very young, I had loose ringlets, but now I'm lucky if it has any wave at all! 

Lucy has long, thick hair that "just hangs there."

I've tried layers to improve the look of my hair, but they don't do much and grow out extremely quickly. I've received many comments about my hair being boring and just hanging there, and now it is beginning to frustrate even me—so I am willing to try almost anything!

I have always had about the same style and length, as I was too worried to try anything else. I would still like to keep the length, but I'm definitely feeling in need of a change! Thank you. — Lucy

Lucy is getting bored with her long, straight style.

A: Lucy, sometimes lovely hair should just be that—lovely hair.

That is what you possess, really lovely hair that has an amazing natural colour.

Having it long shows off its glory; the length allows your hair to be itself.

So here are several different directions you could go on your quest for a new look to show off your lovely hair.

Here are some long locks that would be great for you to try on.

Amanda Seyfried at the 2013 Berlin photocall for 'Lovelace'.

Jennifer Aniston at the 2010 premiere of 'The Switch'.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Olivia Palermo at a 2011 screening of 'Midnight in Paris'.

Mila Kunis at the 2012 premiere of 'Ted'.

Then there are bangs that would be wonderful as well...

Thick, rounded bangs.

Haley Bennett at a 2011 reception for 'Kaboom'.

Bella Heathcote at the 2013 G'Day USA Gala.

Jessica Lowndes at the 2008 Young Hollywood Party.

Rashida Jones at the 2014 Tory Burch flagship opening.

Here is a super-sweet short cut that would be so much fun and easy to maintain. 

Hilary Swank at the 2001 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards.

I know these are a lot of options but they represent the fact that with this beautiful hair, the sky is the limit.


Bill Angst is one of Canada’s top celebrity hairstylists and the owner of Angst Hair at 240 Queen Street East in Toronto. Call 416-360-5942 to book an appointment. 

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