The Best Haircuts for Fine, Limp Hair

Add volume with a choppy cut.

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Q: I always feel my hair is so thin and doesn't look good on me. I have medium-length hair, but it's completely lifeless and just lies limp. 

Susan's medium-length hair is limp and lifeless.

I always wear my hair loose, and now I feel it doesn't suit my face type. Can you please suggest a hairstyle that will suit me? — Susan

A: Susan, fine hair is a favourite subject for me.

Let's talk attributes first, such as the lovely volume and movement you have at the top of your head. 

With these being your best bits, it is time to feature them with a cut that will showcase them:

Carey Mulligan at the 2010 premiere of 'Wall Street 2.'

If your hair at its present length is not working, you might want to try this cut. With this tousled, side-swept top and fringe, it will shape your face beautifully. The pokey ends will frame your lovely cheeks.

Chelsea Kane at the 2013 premiere of 'Iron Man 3.'

Use a molding paste on the ends to achieve the look for the ends. With darker hair, I find the separation of the ends is really important—the shape of the cut reads better.

Jaimie Alexander at the 2013 premiere of 'Iron Man 3.'

It would also add another layer of fun if you deepened your colour a couple of shades:

Kim Kardashian at Paris Couture Week in 2012.

This will also add to the strength of your new cut and make your dark eyes pop...


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