Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Cuts for Fine Hair With Cowlicks

Keep it simple.

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Q: First off, I am very grateful for this opportunity and for your time. I have quite a few issues with my hair. It is very fine, and there isn't much of it. Also, I have very deep/prominent cowlicks on my forehead, where my hair is also thinning. I have mainly been wearing it in a bob with a side-swept fringe.

Zora wants to be able to work with her hair instead of fighting it.

However, I have been wondering lately whether there is a hairstyle that allows me to work with what I've got, rather then trying to fight it. I would LOVE a change! Both in style and colour—I'm dreaming of some vibrant colour that would go well with my skin. And a style that would be both chic and "happy," as my facial features are not so soft, due to my bone structure.

Zora's hair is fine with cowlicks.

I cannot wait to hear some suggestions. It is unfortunate that I am on the other side of the world, so I cannot come in person. MANY thanks! — Zora

Zora wants a chic haircut and colour that will soften her features.

A: Thank you Zora for your request for a consultation.

So, I'm going to bombard you with Inès de La Fressange—a style icon who has similar problems with her hair.

Any of these styles should be inspiration for you, as your cowlicks will never go away.

If you want to sport a fringe, then it will have to be combed forward from the crown to add enough weight to work.

I would also suggest using hot rollers with a setting lotion sprayed lightly on each section. This will give you more control when wearing your hair back off your face, or wearing it forward.

Inès de La Fressange in British Vogue in 2015.

Inès de La Fressange modelling for her Uniqlo collab in 2014.

Inès de La Fressange in Architectural Digest in 2015.

Inès de La Fressange in British Vogue in 2014.

Inès de La Fressange at the 2008 premiere of 'Le Monde de Narnia: Chapitre 2'.

Inès de La Fressange at the 2015 Cannes premiere of 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

Inès de La Fressange at Chanel's Cruise 2012 show.

Inès de La Fressange in WWD in 2014.

Inès de La Fressange in 2014.

Inès de La Fressange at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.

Inès de La Fressange at Chanel's Fall/Winter 2014 show.

I would not bother colouring your hair because it is so fine and your current colour suits you so well.

Hot rollers will be all your hair can handle in terms of wear and tear.

Keep the cut simple at any of these lengths, whether you wear it straight or with added body. Too many details in the cut will not work.


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