Ask a Hairstylist: How to Make Fine, Straight Hair Look Thicker

It needs a cut it can fall into.

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Q: Hi! My hair is incredibly fine, thin and straight. I have struggled to find a cut and colour I really like. 

Elyssa's natural hair colour is medium blonde.

My natural hair colour is about a 7 (medium blonde), but I have been dyeing it for years. I have gone back and forth between blonde and a medium brunette colour. 

I cut my hair into an elongated pixie two years ago, and have been trying to grow it out since then. I am looking for a nice cut or style that would be flattering for my face shape and hair type. Thank you. — Elyssa

Elyssa is growing out a pixie cut.

A: Thank you, Elyssa, for your request for a consultation...

If your hair is long and fine, it separates at the shoulders and makes it look thinner.

It also needs to have a cut it can fall into, such as this one:

Jessica Stroup at the 2009 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party.

I love this cut for you, and I would like to see more of your forehead and less of a side sweep.

My advice for you is to use your natural colour as a highlight and darken the rest like this photo.

This is as long as your hair should be—more one-length with this longer fringe, which will add a thicker look to your hair:

Sandra Bullock at the 2006 premiere of 'The Lake House'.


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