Have You Ever Regretted a Haircut?

I copied Karlie Kloss... but learned that celebrity looks don't always work in real life!

Remember when Karlie Kloss chopped off her hair last year?

Her super-chic banged bob was immediately dubbed the haircut of the year by The New York Times (and even got its own name, "The Karlie"), but it still left a lot of people cold. “Short hair isn’t sexy!” headlines—and men around the world—proclaimed.

My first impression? Um, didn’t love it. I’ve always been obsessed with long hair, Gisele's beachy waves being the ultimate in hair porn for me. Yes, this lead to my growing my hair out longer than I should’ve—which is not a recipe for hair health when your locks are super-fine and wavy (hello, breakage, tangles and split ends!).

But as time wore on (and I saw the short look on more and more celebs), I grew to love “the Chop” and its effortlessly cool, modern vibe. The cut looked amaze on Dianna Agron:

Olivia Palermo:

Jennifer Lawrence:

Nicole Richie:

and Jessica Szohr:

So naturally, I began to think, “Hey! If THEY can do it, why can’t I?!” (Famous last words.) Let me preface what’s to come by saying that I never, ever thought I’d cut my hair.

I had worked so hard to grow it out, and was once totally set on achieving the Victoria’s Secret sexpot bombshell look (though this was far more of a dream than a reality). As time wore on, however, I began to covet Rose Byrne's bangs...

and Olivia Munn's shaggy bob...

How I took the plunge

It all started when I was in L.A. in late April, and I got a super-pricey trim at a newly-opened salon called Meche. Technically, it was an awesome cut—blended layers and all that jazz—but after getting rid of my split ends, it left my hair medium-length and blah. Plus, the front pieces were cut super-short, which I have a total aversion to. I felt unstylish and boring.

Fed up and frustrated, I decided to take the plunge and go even shorter. I went to a local salon here in Vancouver, and bluntly asked a stylist to chop off all my hair. I was in one of those moods where I was totally set on making a change. I opted for a shoulder-skimming cut with a side-swept fringe, which may not seem like a huge deal to some of you, but for me, it was pretty epic. See below (I'm also wearing my summer "no-makeup makeup" look).

The aftermath

At first, I LOVED it. My hair felt lighter, more playful, and I was ready to take on summer with my cute, new ‘do.

Now, every time I see a picture of a long, balayaged, beachy hairdo, I feel a bit sick to my stomach.

What I've realized is that to have a super-short cut like Karlie’s, it helps to have impeccable bone structure and perfect, delicate features like she does. (Let’s just say that my nose has never been described by anyone, ever as “delicate.”) Bobs can obviously be personalized to your hair type—something to ask your stylist about—but you also want to make sure the cut flatters your features and face shape. I think Allure beauty editor Alyssa Hertzig put it best when she tweeted this:

I think my regret is in part due to the weird side-swept “bangs” I asked for—they aren’t doing me any favours, and certainly aren't summer-friendly. I also hate not being able to wind my hair into a bun on the top of my head and have it air-dry into loose, carefree waves. Now, I have to use bobby pins to secure pieces that are too short, and my hairstyles are pretty much limited to low ponytail... and low ponytail.

There are days when I'm happy with the length, though (especially now that it's started to grow out), and my healthy, split-end-free locks.

As for my friends, I’ve received mixed reviews. Girls like it, for the most part, but I swear that most guys (my husband not included... or so he says!) just don’t get the appeal of short hair.

So yeah, I guess you could say that I've learned my lesson. Michelle has written again and again about the importance of finding your "Life Cut", but I gave in to trend temptation. I need a Bill Angst hair consultation, STAT!

Tell me:

Has this ever happened to you—you got a haircut that you majorly regretted?

Have you been tempted to go shorter after seeing all these celebs doing it?

What do you think I should do about MY hair? (Grow it all out? Keep the bangs side-swept or cut them full-on?)

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