How to Get Volume in Fine, Straight Hair

Watch the step-by-step technique I SWEAR by for big hair that lasts.

If you've got hair like mine—fine, straight, flat, can't hold a curl to save its life—then this vid's for you!

It's a how-to for my go-to when I need to do my hair for a special occasion, and you don't even need to know your way around a curling or flat iron to do it. (I've never really mastered the art of creating waves with those anyway—and the problem with them is that the curl falls out AND you're still left with the lack of volume at the roots.)

But not with my technique. All you need is some hairspray, hot rollers and a paddle brush to get crazy volume that actually lasts. It's SO easy, I promise!

Tell me:

Do you share this hair challenge?

Ever tried my technique?

What's YOUR method for getting mega-volume and soft waves?

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