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Ask a Hairstylist: How to Make Frizzy Hair Look Smooth

These styling tricks are essential.
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Q: I'd love your advice on how to style my hair best. I recently had a haircut—it's basically layers and side bangs, mostly to my left. 

Kiran has long, layered hair and side bangs. 

The first photo was taken almost immediately after the cut, which is why my hair looks sleek and shiny there.

If Kiran braids her hair, she can get a slightly curly look.

The second photo is how my hair looks if I've braided it just right for a decent period of time, and that gives it a slightly curly look.

Kiran's hair without any styling.

Kiran wants her hair to have a sleeker look.

The third and fourth pictures are how my hair looks if I just leave it alone.

My hair is jet black and the layers start from my chin, with the longest strands at the back being a little lower than my shoulder blades. It used to be perfectly straight naturally, but after a sudden spate of hair fall, it's now growing back in extremely frizzy. The frizz makes my hair lose any shape whatsoever, and not even the layers are visible under the bushy appearance the frizz created.

I'm open to wavy, curly or straight—anything that gives my hair a sleek look and that shows off the expensive haircut I'm sporting. I'm also interested in putting in some streaks or highlights, but am not too sure about what would look best. Thanks! — Kiran

A: Kiran, cool name... 

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Salon-perfect hair is hard to reproduce, so keeping your styling efforts to a minimum is the way to go. Your hair is so luscious, I don't think it could ever look bad.

Hair does change throughout our lives and unfortunate bumps in the road with health, stress, etc., add another layer of change, not always favourable. 

The only way to combat frizz is through conditioning, styling products and the proper tools.

To minimize frizz:

  • Comb in product: Use a fine-toothed comb with a styling product such as a gel or styling lotion. Comb it smooth in the direction you like, and then air-dry.
  • Hands off: Do not touch your hair until it is dry. Then decide which way you want to go, straight or curly. (Both are just fine and equally appropriate for you.)
  • Use heat: I would then either flat-iron your hair or curl the ends with a wand or a curling iron. Either one is work. 

Kerry Washington at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

There is no easier way to deal with this problem except for having a professional blow-dry. Using a round brush when you blow-dry will smooth your hair and add shine if done properly. But tackling the amount of hair you have could be quite challenging.

Access the ends of your haircut by flipping your hair upside down and straightening or curling the ends in this position. When you flip your hair back up, the volume and texture are going to amaze you. I do this in the salon for my clients, they are always amazed at the volume I can get this way. It also helps create curls going in different directions. I apply this technique with a round brush as well, for a loftier blow-dry.

In order to add highlights to your hair, you will have to remove pigment, which will only add to your frizz problem. I say enjoy being a raven beauty as long as you can, and if the frizz subsides down the road, re-think highlights at that point only.


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