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Ask a Hairstylist: How to Style Damaged Hair as It Grows Out

If you've dyed it too many times, do this.
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How to style damaged hair

Q: Hello Bill. I have naturally orange hair that was bleached blonde. Last year, I did some modelling, and it was bleached again and dyed neon yellow. They also cut my hair into an asymmetrical pixie. 

Jessalyn is currently growing out a pixie cut.

After four months, and several Paul Mitchell PM Shines in 6RO Marmalade to get rid of that ghastly yellow colour, I went back to my usual stylist. She cut my hair into a Shailene Woodley-esque pixie, and afterwards I used a Wella Koleston Perfect Color (in 8/34, I believe?). 

Jessalyn's hair has been bleached and dyed repeatedly.

I haven't cut or coloured my hair since, but I would like to do something as it grows out so it won't look so terrible. I hope to one day have most of my natural ginger colour back. I have fine hair, and it gets greasy pretty easily. I am wearing it up all the time now for obvious reasons, but I don't mind wearing it down or styling it daily. I really need some advice Bill, what do you suggest? — Jessalyn

Jessalyn would like to get her natural ginger colour back. 

A: Jessalyn, I agree go back to where you once belonged…

Your natural colour is what you should be aiming for; it's stunning.

The current state of your hair is not doing you any favours, so stay away from chemicals. Every time you apply colour, you set yourself back from your goal of getting to your natural GINGER.

You said you are cool with styling. I think a subtle trim is in order; otherwise you are good to go.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Style your hair like this and smooth out the cuticle to add shine.

Ashlee Simpson An Evening with Women 2012

Ashlee Simpson at 'An Evening with Women' in 2012.

You can do this with a round brush, a large curling iron or a flat iron. Get flirty with it!

Here is another style you could work.

Hayley Williams iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014

Hayley Williams at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Use a dry shampoo to sop up the natural oils. This will add an edgier texture.

It looks like you could work a wave out of the back of your hair. Throw in a low side part and you are rocking.

Sienna Miller American Sniper New York City premiere 2014

Sienna Miller at the 2014 New York City premiere of 'American Sniper.'

If you feel the need to add colour, why not add lowlights? They will not damage your hair as much as highlights.

My suggestion is to keep it real. I love natural ginger-coloured hair.

Emma Stone Aloha London premiere 2015

Emma Stone at the 2015 London premiere of 'Aloha.'


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