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Reviewed: Inhibitif, the Skincare Line That May Help You Skip Shaving and Waxing

But does it actually work?

Hair removal: it's a total pain in the you-know-what. While nothing beats some silky smooth legs, sometimes ain't nobody got time for that. Whether it's waxing, shaving, lasering or epilating away the hair, the whole process is something we’d all like to eliminate from our beauty routines.

Enter Inhibitif. It's a new range of body products, and the claim is they reduce both the prominence and density of unwanted hair over time. Sounds amazing, right? Recently launched in Canada, the range features a body serum (the star product; it also comes in a natural version):

A deodorant:

And a face serum:

After eight weeks of use, these products are supposed to reduce the rate of hair growth so that you don't have to remove it as often. The ingredients (more on them in a second) target the hair follicles to slow down their production; there are also soothing agents that minimize ingrown hairs and skin irritations.

It sounded pretty good to me! I was super-excited to try the body serum. I mean, a painless, virtually effortless solution to hair removal? Yes, please.

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I began my testing process with shaved legs. Inhibitif recommends you use the serum on either freshly shaved or even better, waxed skin. In the dead of winter, I'm definitely not dishing out cash on a wax, so shaving it was.

The serum has to be applied twice daily for two months. Twice.Daily.I'll admit that seemed manageable when I first read it, but it soon became a major hassle. When you can barely get yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn, let alone apply this thing, and then just want to crash when you get home at night? Not happening. (I figured a morning and night routine would keep me on track. It didn't.)

So, let’s recap: I had to shave daily, which let's be honest, just doesn't happen in December, and then apply this 120 times in 60 days. I tried, guys, I really did. But it was the most difficult thing to stay consistent.

Besides my compliance issues, the other problem is you have no idea if it's even working, since they instruct you to shave dailyin order to apply it on freshly shaved skin. Apparently, you start getting results as early as two weeks into the process, but I had no way of knowing what—if anything—was happening.

As for the ingredients, they do list them on the website but only on a hidden page (thanks to Ingredients of Style for the sleuthing).

The key ones are the dihydromyricetin and the the lauryl isoquinolinium bromide, and at high doses there are some toxicity concerns, which Ingredients of Style has thoroughly outlined here.

To sum up, this product left me high and dry—it sounded like a miracle serum, but turned out to be a nuisance. Thanks, Inhibitif, but I’ll stick to my razors.

Inhibitif is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and ranges from $9.99-29.99.

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