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Ask a Hairstylist: How to Lighten Your Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide

Boost your blonde with minimal damage.
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Q: A lot of girls use three percent peroxide misted over wet or towel-dried hair to further lighten up their blonde. What is the long-term effect on the health of your hair? How do you deal with re-growth? — Nathalie

A: Nathalie, thank you for your question.

Any lifting of the hair causes a certain degree of dryness. As for how much damage that does, it depends from where to what you’re lifting.

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That said, a three percent peroxide will give you the least amount of damage, as long as you moisturize with a good hair mask at least once a week. 

Life Brand Hydrogen Peroxide.

If you are putting it on blonde hair that has already been lifted, the re-growth needs to match your old lift. 

You can mist your hair all over with the peroxide again if you want the extra boost, especially for the summer. Just keep moisturizing!

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