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Ivanka Trump, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Apprentice' star.

If your dad was number 134 on Forbes' richest Americans list, would YOU have plastic surgery? You can definitely see how it could happen!

I've had a few requests to do a Before & After on Ivanka Trump because, as one reader put it, "she is TOO perfect." 

Did that perfection happen naturally, or did she get a little help? Let's take a closer look!

Ivanka as a Child

Ivanka Trump as a child.

This gem of a photo features a young Ivanka with Papa Trump, taken sometime in the 1980s. Ivanka looks like a pint-sized Paris Hilton. Is her hair dyed blonde? Is that a miniature Chanel? So many questions.

Ivanka in 1997

Ivanka Trump on the May 1997 cover of Seventeen.

By the time she was 16, Ivanka was modelling. Who knows if being Donald's daughter helped (PROBABLY), but she was pretty stunning as a brunette.

Ivanka Trump in the 1990s.

This shot was probably taken around the same time. You can can see teenage Ivanka's nose in profile. I have no issues with this nose. In fact, I think it's kinda cute, with the bump near the bridge. Also notice her very model-esque eyebrows.

Ivanka in 1999

Ivanka Trump at the 1999 Jingle Ball.

By 1999, Ivanka had dark brown hair, which I'm guessing is close to her natural colour. I think it's just the bad photo angle making her face look so much fuller. (Plus, baby fat—which is never a bad thing. Lots of people would like theirs back!)

Ivanka Trump at the 1998 premiere of 'The Thomas Crown Affair.'

Also in 1999, Ivanka attended this premiere wearing the exact same dress she had on the Seventeen cover two years before. (C'mon Ivanka, we know you can afford a new one!) She almost looks like a different person. I like the brown hair a lot, and I think the cute bump on her nose nose actually helps balance her full cheeks.

Ivanka in 2004

Ivanka Trump at a Hugo Boss party in 2004.

This is my favourite photo, taken when Ivanka was 23. She's committed to blonde by this stage, and she does pull it off (although I think it looks better with her hair up versus down). I love her natural smile, full, flushed cheeks and berry-stained lips. 

Ivanka in 2005

Ivanka Trump at the Museum of Natural History's 2005 Winter Dance.

Uh-oh! This may have been the turning point for her nose. To me, it looks much narrower, and doesn't even fit her face! As a result, her entire look has changed. 

Ivanka in 2006

Ivanka Trump at the Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy party in 2006.

Here, you can zoom in on the tinkering. I do think Ivanka looks beautiful, even if this was in that weird mid-'00s time when everyone wanted to be super-blonde and super-tan. She still has a bit of that model look from a few years before.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Ivanka in 2007

Ivanka Trump at the 2007 Golden Globes.

Well, how do I say this diplomatically? For the 2007 Golden Globes, Ivanka shocked everyone when she arrived with some, er, golden globes of her own. Again, this needs context: ridiculous boob jobs were IN back then. (Remember Victoria Beckham's, which she has since had removed?) To each her own, but I think they're too large for her frame and the biggest reason why people think she's had tons of work done. Maybe all she's changed is her nose and the boobs, but the latter are so obviously fake, it makes you wonder about the whole package.

Ivanka in 2008

Ivanka Trump at the 2008 premiere of 'Standard Operating Procedure.'

In 2008, Ivanka's face was looking different again. Did she have a second rhinoplasty that's making it look even more pinched? You just never know. Otherwise, it could be either the camera angle or (sob!) the normal aging process making her face look thinner. She's 27 here.

Ivanka Trump at the 2008 Frick Gala.

A profile view from the same year. This foundation has GOT to go. Anyway, compare this nose to the 1990s one and you'll see a very different side view indeed. Also, do you think something's going on with her lips or it's just a duck face?

Ivanka in 2011

Ivanka Trump at the 2011 premiere of 'The Way.'

I'm pretty sure she was pregnant or nursing here, hence the return of the fuller, healthier-looking cheeks. (I don't think Restylane can ever look this natural!) She actually looks more like her old childhood self again, with those beautiful dark eyes and her great big smile.

Ivanka in 2012

Ivanka Trump at the 2012 opening night of 'Ghost.'

Wait, is this a 40-something Faith Hill? It seriously could be. Everything looks the same colour in this picture—Ivanka's skin, hair, eyeshadow, dress. I like that she went less blonde, but I don't like the piecey curls, or what looks like a faux tan. I think it all ages her (and she's only 31 here!).

Ivanka in 2013

Ivanka Trump at the 2013 Met Gala.

Don't be shocked—the green hair is just temporary, because the Met Gala had a punk theme that year. She's also wearing green contact lenses, which I'll assume are part of the costume.

Update: Ivanka in 2014

Ivanka Trump at the New York City Ballet's Fall 2014 Gala.

Ivanka looks a little tired here, or maybe it's just a bad lighting situation. I'm not crazy about the rooty, super-blonde hair colour with the tan.

Update: Ivanka in 2015

Ivanka Trump at the New York City Ballet's Fall 2015 Gala.

What a difference a year makes! I love this pic—Ivanka's hair is softer and her skin a more natural hue. The foundation is perhaps a little too light, but overall, she looks great. I especially like the smudgy black liner all the way around her eyes.

Ivanka Trump Before and After

Ivanka Trump in 2004 (left) and in 2015 (right).

Has Ivanka gone under the knife? I couldn't find any plastic surgeons who've gone on record, but I say a boob job and at least one rhinoplasty for sure. 

I'm guessing she has started to dabble in Botox, too, although I'm not sure about the fillers yet. Her lips were always quite full, and at least in 2013, her cheeks don't look very inflated.

Whatever she's had done, Ivanka is now inspiring OTHER women to get copycat surgery, in order to look like her.