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Love Side-Swept Hair? Try a Punky Braid Like Jessica Alba

Grab some hair inspiration from the faux-undercut look Jessica Alba rocked at Comic-Con

It's official: Jessica Alba is back on top of her beauty game. (I wasn't sure there for a little while, what with the black eyeshadow, pink lips and greyish-green foundation incident at the Guys' Choice Awards. What can I say? I have high expectations for The Alba.)

But at Comic-Con for the Sin City panel, girlfriend nailed it. Nailed. It.

Okay, I'm speaking mainly about the hair, mind you. I don't know what was going on below that crop top. But above the neck, wowza—so much glowiness, so much bronzing, so much sexy.

When you look at Jess front-on, you just see long, straight, side-swept hair for days:

It's not until she moves her head to one side that you notice—OMG!—there's a really cool braid in there. Notice how perfectly sharp that part is, and how tightly the hair above the ear has been plaited.

The result is like an undercut (see: Rosario Dawson), except you don't have to buzz anything off. I especially love how it goes with the punky earrings! It's just edgy enough.

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Renato Campora was the hairstylist behind the look, and here are his exact steps for how to copy it:

Half-Back Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

1. After shampooing and conditioning, create a side part in wet hair, from the top of the head all the way down to the nape of the neck.

2. Apply a spray gel (try DevaCurl Spray Gel) on the side where you'll be braiding.

3. Create a flat cornrow braid from the front to the back of the head. End the braid underneath the loose hair on the other side, and secure it with a clear elastic.

4. Apply a volumizing spray (Renato used Kérastase Volumactive) to the loose side of the hair, and blow-dry in a forward direction with a round brush.

5. To finish, run a T3 flat iron through the loose hair for extra sleekness.

Here's the finished effect:

Pretty incredible... and dare I say it—sort of easy? I love this idea for adding a bit of flair without the complication of an all-over updo.

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