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How to Do Jessica Alba’s Skincare Routine

How she deals with dryness, sensitivity and congestion.
Jessica Alba skincare routine

Jessica Alba has two major skin struggles—not that you’d ever be able to tell. While the 40-year-old actress and Honest Company founder is well-known for her flawless, dewy and blemish-free complexion, she has her share of skin concerns, just like the rest of us.

“One of them is my dry, flaky skin I can get quite rashy and I have pretty sensitive skin. So I try to avoid anything that will give me that eczema-type rash. And then the other thing is congestion—having underground clogged pores and blackheads.”[1]

Dealing with such tricky skin over the years was a key reason why she turned to clean beauty. “All of the skincare products that I use are clean, and why I’m so passionate about it is because I’ve had such reactive skin literally since I was born. I thought I had chronic cystic acne when I was in my twenties, but what I realized is I’m just allergic to a lot of petroleum-based ingredients, and I’m also allergic to synthetic fragrances.”[2][3]