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Kate Beckinsale, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Underworld' star.

The subject of today's Before and After has been famous for as long as I can remember.

Now (a very gorgeous) 41 years old, British-born Kate Beckinsale got her start way back in the early '90s with acclaimed TV roles in 'Cold Comfort Farm' and 'Emma', as well the Kenneth Branagh film adaptation of 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

But it wasn't until she starred alongside Claire Danes in 1999's 'Brokedown Palace' that Kate became a household name here in North America—and big-budget movies like 'Pearl Harbor', 'Serendipity' and 'The Aviator' soon followed.

These days, Kate is more known for her recent work in the 'Underworld' series, but she's still a red carpet fixture... which leads us to our task today. In her rise to A-list name recognition, how has Kate's beauty look changed along the way?

Kate in 1992

Kate Beckinsale in 1992.

First up, a photo shoot from 1992, when Kate was just 19 years old. Who knew she had such a mane of hair on her? It's also really nice to see such a natural, un-styled version of Kate—since now she's always so über-groomed.

Kate in 1993

Kate Beckinsale in a promotional photo for 'Much Ado About Nothing' in 1993.

Just look at this English rose beauty. (She always did have amazing skin, I see.) Take note of her nose, by the way—as it's one feature I definitely think has changed over the years.

Kate in 1995

Kate Beckinsale in a promotional photo for 'Cold Comfort Farm' in 1995.

I suppose nobody would look their best in this hairdo.

Kate Beckinsale at the press conference for 'Sweetheart' in 1995.

The same year, Kate lightened and cropped her hair into this inexplicably bad shaggy style. Even still, she's quite cute (she was 22 here). I'm getting a bit of a Winona vibe here. Also: how much do you want to bet she wishes she had these eyebrows now? Don't pluck your brows, kids.

Now get ready for some WTF-ery... 

Kate in 1996

Kate Beckinsale at the premiere of 'Emma' in 1996.

Kate went through a sort of Goth phase for a couple years! I'm fine with the super-short hair; it's the powdered white face that I'm concerned about. 

Kate in 1997

Kate Beckinsale at the premiere of 'Shooting Fish' in 1997.

I guess she was quite into this look, as it persisted through 1997 as well. Seriously, what is happening here? She looks like a lost member of The Cure. As if the white face powder weren't bad enough, there's ALSO baby blue eyeshadow, butterfly clips and stringy strands covering her face. Notice her smile, which was more gummy back then, and a bit stained (Kate's apparently a life-long smoker).

Kate in 1998

Kate Beckinsale at a FilmFour launch in 1998.

Fortunately, by 1998, she was embracing a more natural skin finish—though the butterfly clips were still hanging around. Kate was pregnant here (with Michael Sheen's baby), and she really is glowing. Brows and roots are a bit unfortunate, but her nose looks a little more button-like. Did she have a nose job at some point around this time?

Kate in 2001

Kate Beckinsale at a screening of 'Serendipity' in 2001.

Three years later, in 2001, Kate's star was rising big-time—and you can totally tell. She's become much more glam and "Hollywood-looking" all of a sudden. I think you can chalk it up to several changes: the faux tan, the glossy solid-coloured hair, the sophisticated makeup and most of all, the whiter/straighter teeth. I believe she got veneers, and probably had a laser gum reshaping as well. (I've had the gum thing too—it's an AMAZING procedure.) Teeth make a huge difference!

Kate in 2003

Kate Beckinsale at the LA premiere of 'Underworld' in 2003.

At age 30, Kate succumbed to the streaky highlight trend of the moment. Looking back now, this hair seems so dated. Fortunately, her brows are making a nice recovery from the over-plucking. Also check out her nose here—again, it's very button-like versus the old days.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Kate in 2004

Kate Beckinsale at the MTV Movie Awards in 2004.

By 2004, Kate's transformation to a California girl was pretty much complete. She ditched the high-contrast highlights and went for a lighter colour all over.

Kate in 2006

Kate Beckinsale at the premiere of 'Underworld Evolution' in 2006.

Two years later, at 33, Kate had finally hit her beauty stride. I think she looks absolutely incredible with her hair up, and in the darker chestnut colour. THIS is Kate's "Life Hair." Problem is, the eyebrows seem to be skinnier again; not sure why.

Kate in 2008

Kate Beckinsale at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards in 2008.

Kate showed off another great updo in 2008. Will you look at her skin? And she has a beautiful hairline, too. I think this might've been when the injectables started, as her cheeks look a tiny bit plumped and her forehead is incredibly smooth.

Kate in 2011

Kate Beckinsale at LACMA's Art + Film Gala in 2011.

I think you can definitely see the cheek fillers here. By this time, Kate was 38 years old, so it makes sense that she'd be dabbling in this stuff. What I'm wondering is if she had some put in her lips as well...

Kate in 2013

Kate Beckinsale at the premiere of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' in 2013.

She's still looking great in 2013, age 40. Although this makeup is cool, I think it's maybe a little bit aging versus the fresh-faced look she wore in 2008. Also, her cheeks are protruding a bit too much.

Kate Beckinsale at LACMA's Art + Film Gala in 2013.

I love this shot, also from 2013. Maybe the fillers just needed to settle down a bit? She looks more natural here, and her skin is super-radiant and glowy. The whole look is very glam and "done"; it reminds me very much of Megan Fox's vibe (post-filler experiments, of course).

Kate in 2014

Kate Beckinsale at the premiere of 'The Face of an Angel' in 2014.

I'm really not feeling this wavy, off-the-face hairstyle nor the lighter colour... and again, her cheeks seem a little puffy? But I do like the low-key makeup on her. Woman is 41 and still very much a beauty. 

Update: Kate in 2015

Kate Beckinsale at the 2015 Golden Globes.

Hmm, I'm not sure if it's the muddy blush or overdone injections, but her cheeks are protruding and look very "wooden" here.

Update: Kate in 2016

Kate Beckinsale at the 2016 Costume Designers Guild Awards.

I love that she took a risk with her eye makeup in this one (although the blush choice is again not quite right). Her ultra-smooth forehead suggests Botox use, and her lips definitely seem plumped-up. 

Update: Kate in 2017