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The Best Bobs for Thick, Straight Hair

Adorably chic.
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Welcome to our Hair Consultation column. To request an online hair consultation from celebrity hairstylist Bill Angst, follow the instructions here.

Q: Hi Bill! I'd love to have a more flattering haircut/colour, as I am going to college this fall. I am willing to put some time into styling my hair, but my cut right now is pretty meh.

Nicky wants a more flattering cut and colour.

I have thicker hair that has never been coloured (except for the colour that washes out after being washed a couple times). When I get my hair cut, about twice a year, I ask for it to be thinned, as I want it to be able to hold a curl when I put the time into doing my hair. So at the ends of the hair, it is more thinned out. 

Also, at the front there are sort of bangs—but I am trying to decide if I want to cut them again or just grow them out.

I am open to pretty much any option, as I have had everything from a short pixie cut to longer hair. Thanks a billion for the help! — Nicky

A: Nicky, you have such a great, natural look about you. I feel that colouring your hair would not be doing you any favours.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

I like your thin ends—good move on your part.

My favourite haircut choice for you is this, with a deep part, no bangs!

Katie Holmes at a 2007 premiere of 'Lions for Lambs'.

Katie Holmes at the 2007 premiere of 'Hairspray.'

I would like for the length to clear your shoulders for a more defined look. 

Emily Blunt at the 2011 premiere of 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.'


Bill Angst is one of Canada’s top celebrity hairstylists and the owner of Angst Salon at 240 Queen Street East in Toronto. Call 416-360-5942 to book an appointment.

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