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How to Do Lucy Hale’s Skincare Routine

Everything she uses for combination, acne-prone skin.
Lucy Hale skincare routine

Anyone who has ever dealt with acne can relate to Lucy Hale. “I think the reason I’m so obsessed with skincare and beauty is because I struggled with my skin,” the 32-year-old star revealed in a recent interview. “There were days when I didn’t want to be in front of a camera. I remember vividly one day we were filming Pretty Little Liars... we had to specially light my skin to reflect in a different way so you wouldn’t see my acne. I remember being just so embarrassed and mortified.”[1]

Throughout her 20s, she “tried it all” to get clear, including countless products, dermatologist visits, regular facials and even giving up bread. Finally, a decade later, she’s figured out what works for her skin—and what doesn’t.

“I definitely have combination skin, which can be oily or dry in certain areas, but I am breakout-prone. I had really bad cystic acne in my 20s [and] I’ve kind of got it under control now. I mean, there’ll be the occasional breakout, but luckily, no more of the cystic stuff.”[2]

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So, what’s her secret? She says simplifying her routine and using the right products for her skin type made the biggest difference, along with improving her gut health and working with a trusted esthetician.

Here are all of Lucy’s favourite products for her combination, acne-prone skin.

Lucy Hale’s Skincare Routine (At a Glance)


Joanna VargasLancer • DHC

Face wipes





ObagiBiologique Recherche


SkinCeuticalsSkinCeuticalsKora Organics • Kate Somerville • BENEV • The Things We Do • iS Clinical • SkinCeuticals


Teresa Tarmey

Acne treatments

Biologique Recherche • Mario Badescu


ChanelSkinCeuticalsLancer • CeraVe • Cetaphil

Eye creams

ISUNOle Henriksen • SkinCeuticals

Face oils

Sisley Paris • Supernal



Lip balms

Lucas’ Papaw RemediesAquaphorDr. Pawpaw

Light therapy

Dr. Dennis GrossLightStim

High frequency wand

The Things We Do



Sculpting tool

Jillian Dempsey

Face masks

ISUNTatcha • Elizavecca Milky Piggy

Sheet masks

111Skin • Holika Holika

Eye masks

111Skin • Skyn Iceland

Her Morning Skincare Routine

Joanna Vargas Vitamin C Face Wash
Obagi Nu-Derm Toner
SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic
SkinCeuticals Silymarin CF
Kora Organics Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum
Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift Advanced Hydration Treatment
ISUN Peptide Eye Cream Moisture Cream
Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme
Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40
EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46
SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 50
Sisley Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil
Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil
Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Her Nighttime Skincare Routine

Lancer The Method Cleanse Normal-Combination Skin
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Lancer The Method Polish Normal-Combination Skin
Almay Biodegradable Clear Complexion Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Makeup Remover Ultra-Soft Cleansing Towelettes
Obagi Nu-Derm Toner
Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
The Things We Do Pigment Remedy
iS Clinical Active Serum
Teresa Tarmey 0.3 Retinol Gel
Biologique Recherche ISO-Placenta Serum Authentique
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
SkinCeuticals HA Intensifier
Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme Riche
SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture
Lancer The Method Nourish Normal-Combination Skin
CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion
Cetaphil Daily Oil-Free Hydrating Lotion
SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex
Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Dr. Pawpaw Multipurpose Soothing Balm

Her Skincare Treatments

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro
LightStim for Wrinkles
The Things We Do High Frequency Wand
NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device
Jillian Dempsey Gold Bar
ISUN Rhassoul-Neem Face Spot Mask
Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask
Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask
Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet
111Skin Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
Dyson Purifier Humidify Cool

Her Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle

ActivatedYou Morning Complete


“What I’ve learned is when I meet someone, I’ve never once said, ‘Oh, they were so wonderful, but look at their bad skin.’ That just doesn’t cross my mind, so it makes me realize no one cares. No one cares as much as we think they do. I think I’ve just accepted that I’ll deal with breakouts my whole life. It’s also important for all of us to realize that skin has texture. Skin has pores. Skin has zits. We don’t see that as much anymore because we’re all on our phones, and we’re seeing all these filters and gorgeous people, and so it’s hard for us to remember that it’s okay to have skin that looks like skin.”

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