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No-Mascara Makeup: Why Skipping Mascara Can Make You Look Years Younger

This little Prada trick is no joke.

There are lots of things you can do to look younger—some advisable, some not. When you wear this fruity fragrance, for example, people think you're younger by eight to 12 years. And a recent German study recommends surrounding yourself with older people so that you look younger in contrast (nice!). I'm not going to say Botox and fillers, however, because if you've read this article—or checked out Madonna's visage anytime since 2005—you know that "the new new face" is usually just as old-looking as the original one.

Anyway, there's one more thing you can do to shave years off, and it's even easier. You won't have to go shopping. You won't have to find new friends. And I would nevah suggest that you needed to visit a plastic surgeon.

Nope, this one's actually FREE. And the makeup artist Pat McGrath, who is the main reason that the Milan and Paris shows are always so exciting, knows all about it.

Check it out in action at Prada this week:

Did you spot it?

The models are actually mascara-less.

It's an old trick of mine, too, at least for weekends, and I swear it works. Plus! Confirmation that a younger vibe was what Pat was going for: the theme for the look was "sophisticated schoolgirl."

You'll also notice that the eyeshadow-up-to-the-eyebrows thing that I talked about the other day is happening here, too. (Same model, different lighting.)

Believe it or not, the shadow is CoverGirl, but a hand-blended rosy brown, which was accented with a soft beige eye pencil. And you know what? While it's not exactly orangey, it certainly echoes the look we saw in New York, particularly Rag & Bone.

There's also a case of déjà blush, just like at the Marc Jacobs show: it's applied down and out towards the hairline to mimic a natural flush. Voilà:

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Oh! And did I not just call it that low ponytails will be a trend? I love when everything starts to come together like this.

HOWEVER. If, for some inexplicable reason, you feel like looking older, not younger, then I suggest you get acquainted with the colour burgundy.

Now, don't get me wrong—I love me some burgundy on my nails, or in a wine glass. But as was confirmed when I interviewed Chanel's national makeup artist for an anti-aging story in this month's FLARE, it's an instant youth zapper. Sucks the collagen right out of you, dontcha know?

Here's what I mean, at Gucci:

Eeks! Those lips!

Again, this was a Pat McGrath show, so they're CoverGirl. There's a darker shade around the edges and a lighter one in the centre—I'm guessing both are from the new CoverGirl lipstick line I talked about here. And just like the S/S '11 Gucci show, the finishing touch was a slick of high-shine gloss. Oh, and the mascara is CoverGirl NatureLuxe, with one zillion coats.

I dunno, guys. While I appreciate the whole "'70s chic" vibe, I'm deathly afraid of these dark lip colours and what with the lack of blush, feel like this would make me look like a Goth. Sorry Pat.

Weirdly, I find burgundy on the eyes, at Fendi, a little more wearable:

Not that I'd actually go this extreme, of course. But I think the pinky lip gives the burgundy a bit of freshness compared to the Gucci look.

And, well, the makeup is Chanel, so there's that. This colour was achieved by blending two shades from the forthcoming Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadows, with Chanel Eye Kohl in Clair on the inner lids. Again: all the way up to the freakin' eyebrows. It's a thing, I tell you.

Oh, Fashion Week. Tell me:

Were you aware that by going mascara-less, you could lose AT LEAST the back half of the 2000s?

Are you coming around at all to the idea of eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrows?

If you had to choose just one look, would you do Prada, Gucci or Fendi? (Personally, I'd just take the leather goods and call it a day.)

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