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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find answers to the questions we get asked most often regarding:

  • Technical Support
  • Skincare/Beauty
  • Blogging/Business
  • Comment Policy
  • Working with Brands

If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch.

Technical Support Questions

I'm experiencing a technical problem with your website. What should I do? Send an email to Please try to be as specific as possible (tell us what browser you are using, and include a screenshot). Our tech support team will see what they can do to resolve your issue.

How do I sign up for your free course / newsletter? You can sign up here. For the first seven days, you will receive our free email course, Better Skin in 7. After that, we will send you newsletters from time to time with additional skincare tips and recommendations.

How do I become a Premium member? You can sign up for The Skincare Edit Premium here. Membership includes unlimited access to everything we publish (including our members-only resource library), an ad-free experience on the website, and subscriptions to our e-course and newsletter. For more information, see our membership FAQ page.

I don't like ads. / The ads are slowing down your website. Can you take them down? For a faster, ad-free experience, please support us by joining The Skincare Edit Premium. It costs less than a monthly magazine subscription, and the first month is FREE. Find out more here.

Skincare/Beauty Questions

I have a skincare question. Can you help? First, make sure you've gone through Better Skin in 7, our free skincare course, which covers all the basics. If you still have a question, send an email to with "Skincare Question" in the subject line. Please keep it short and to the point (two or three sentences, max).

I have a makeup question. Can you help? Send an email to with "Makeup Question" in the subject line. Please keep it short and to the point (two or three sentences, max).

I'd like to request a hair consultation. Follow the instructions here.

Blogging/Business Questions

What camera and equipment do you use? We create our photos using the following:

How do you make money blogging? The best way to make money blogging is by having several different income streams. We generate revenue through display advertisements, affiliate partnerships and select brand collaborations.

How did you build your blog readership? It happened over many years—not overnight. Some of the most important factors were: creating high-quality, long-form articles; posting consistently; and cultivating a unique point of view.

Do you have any advice for new bloggers? Write the way you'd speak to a friend, about the things you love and the topics you find interesting. It takes time to develop your voice, so practice as as often as you can. Above all, be genuine and strive to be of service to your readers.

Can I post your article on my blog? You are welcome to publish an excerpt with a link back to the original article. However, do not post the entire article without our written permission. This website is protected by copyright laws.

Comment Policy

Why was my comment removed / not published? We strive to keep conversations positive. Comments that are rude, aggressive or in poor taste will not be published. If you notice a comment that should be removed, please flag it or contact us.

Why is my comment "pending" / in moderation? If your comment included a link, or any restricted words, it will not be published until it has been approved by a moderator. We reserve the right not to publish comments at our discretion.

Working With Brands

What is your policy on brand sponsorships? We are extremely selective and only partner with brands that are a natural fit for our audience.

How do you disclose sponsorships? We disclose ALL instances where financial compensation has been received in exchange for content. Such articles are clearly marked as "Sponsored," with additional badges at the top and bottom—you can see an example of this here. We also clearly disclose any paid relationship on Instagram posts.

What is your policy on accepting product samples? While we are extremely grateful to receive product samples for editorial consideration, we unfortunately cannot guarantee coverage in advance.

Do you purchase products or do you get most of them free? Currently, most products we feature were purchased by us, not sent by brands.

I'd like to send samples / propose a sponsorship. Send your pitch to

I'd like to advertise on your website. Please fill out the form here.