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How to Do a Party Makeup Look That Takes 10 Minutes (and Fits in Your Clutch!)

My go-to festive makeup look.

Party makeup! Let's talk about it. 

I don't know about you, but I've been mighty excited this month to bust out the sparkle and glitter everything. (I'd wear it from head to toe if I could. Yes, I am five.) 

But I'm not only enjoying the excuse to play with shiny textures, I'm also loving this new thing of playing up lips AND eyes. At the same time. Used to be a faux pas, something you just did not do—but not anymore. (Remember this Olivia Wilde look from last year? She really wears it best.)

Here is my toned-down, sparklier, party version:

My go-to holiday party makeup look.

I don't think you guys have ever seen me wearing this much makeup, hehe. 

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

I thought I'd get fancy because xoVain and Beauty Editor are swapping "what's in your makeup bag?" posts today! Here on Beauty Editor, I hope you're enjoying seeing what's in editor-in-chief Anne-Marie's makeup bag. She's a seasoned NYC beauty ed, and she knows what's UP! I want everything she uses, including the bag itself.

Over on xoVain, I've got deets on all the products I used to create my holiday look—which happen to fit in this clutch:

Everything that's on my face is in this clutch.

MY GOD, this clutch. It's the Roger Vivier "Belle Vivier" at Holt Renfrew, and I've never seen an evening bag more beautiful. Luxe, glittery, chic and roomy, it could not be more perfect. Alas, I just borrowed her for this shoot, so I have to give her back—sob! 

Head over to xoVain to get the full scoop on my clutch-sized makeup stash, including some sweet party prodz that I've never even talked about on THIS site before!

And let me know what you think—do you like these kinds of makeup bag posts? What kinds of guest posts would you like to see here?

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