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How to Rock a Crazy Hair Colour

This is how you make it pop.
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Welcome to our Hair Consultation column. To request an online hair consultation from celebrity hairstylist Bill Angst, follow the instructions here.

Q: Hello Bill, I am writing you all the way from Europe. I have thin and dry hair—I have dyed my hair for about 10 years in all possible colours—and I always wish for more volume. 

Andrada likes to play with different lengths and colours.

I like to experience and play with lengths and colours, but for the past four years, I was totally blonde. I never liked uniform colours, they get me bored so quickly. 

For now, I am thinking about letting my hair grow, because I miss my length. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to your advice. — Andrada

A: Andrada, thank you for your request.

I love your daring hair colour choices, but I would prefer to see you take this colour to the next level. 

Here is a deeper colour that I feel would be better for your complexion.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

Katy Perry at the 2012 NARM Awards.

To really make it pop, add some black lowlights. Not thick and chunky—more like a soft blend that tricks the eye.

Katy Perry at the 2012 ASCAP Awards.

Moon Bloodgood's purple hair.

I agree you should have longer hair with skinny ends. Also, I would like to see one full eye and some of your lovely jawline.

Here is an example of a cut that would give you the edge that you like, and help you rock this new colour idea.

Ashlee Simpson at the 2008 Kids' Choice Awards.


Bill Angst is one of Canada’s top celebrity hairstylists and the owner of Angst Salon at 240 Queen Street East in Toronto. Call 416-360-5942 to book an appointment.

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