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How to Work with Thick and Frizzy Hair

This will make it more manageable.
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Welcome to our Hair Consultation column. To request an online hair consultation from celebrity hairstylist Bill Angst, follow the instructions here.

Q: I am 5'4" with blue eyes and wavy dark blonde/light brown hair. My hair texture is pretty coarse, frizzy and prone to being brittle and dry (especially when grown longer and dyed). 

Erin's hair is extremely thick and high-maintenance.

It is also VERY thick, almost deceptively so, as many a hairdresser has commented. In other words, my hair is high-maintenance and MUST have product in it to look good.

Erin has tried many styles, including bangs.

I've had many different hair colours and styles. Thanks so much for offering this service, such a generous thing to do! — Erin

A: Often with strong hair like yours, Erin, longer with less layers helps create more weight—which is good for control.

Amanda Seyfried at a 2012 Miu Miu show.

The rounded bangs bring your face down. If you cut them in a style like this picture, the bangs will make your eyes pop even more.

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Reese Witherspoon at the 2007 Oscars.

Length I prefer longer for you as well.

Amanda Seyfried at the 2012 New York photocall for 'Les Misérables.'

The colour should only be to add shine and depth of colour. No lightening if you want an easier head of hair to work with. 

Avoid ammonia-based hair colour, as this fluffs up the cuticle and is hard to get smoothed back down. 

The colour I really like for you is in your second picture.

Elizabeth Olsen at the 2009 opening night of 'Impressionism.'

I hope this is enough info.


Bill Angst is one of Canada’s top celebrity hairstylists and the owner of Angst Salon at 240 Queen Street East in Toronto. Call 416-360-5942 to book an appointment.

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