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Shay Mitchell, Before and After

The beauty evolution of the 'Pretty Little Liars' star.
Shay Mitchell before and after

Shay Mitchell may be best known for starring in the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars, but more recently, she's played another role: beauty influencer.

Ever since the series ended in 2017, the 31-year-old actress has been repping brands like Bioré, La Mer and Buxom on her social media channels. That means she shares a lot of sponsored content with her millions of followers—and it's not always positively received! 

Take this ad, for example. As reported by Buzzfeed, her fans called it "the fakest thing they've ever seen"....


That's not the only thing she's faked. Refinery29 also documented evidence of a "fake-cation" on Shay's Instagram, with the star posting other people's Hong Kong travel photos as her own.

So this all got me thinking... WHAT ELSE might be fake about Shay?

Let's take a look at her beauty evolution over the years and find out!

Shay in 2010

Shay Mitchell, Teen Choice Awards, 2010

Shay Mitchell at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards.

This is a 23-year-old Shay on one of her first-ever red carpets, just a couple months after Pretty Little Liars premiered. Her style was completely different back then—this was before the "Kardashian look" would become an actual trend! But even with the dated eyeshadow application, she seems fresh-faced. 

Shay Mitchell, Lili Claire Foundation Benefit Luncheon, 2010

Shay Mitchell at the Lili Claire Foundation's 2010 Benefit Luncheon.

And here's an even more natural look from the same year. This is her natural hair texture (which she described to Byrdie as "super-wavy"), and we can also see her natural brow shape... lip shape... and nose shape. All of those features ended up changing later on!

Shay in 2011

Shay Mitchell, QVC Red Carpet Party, 2011

Shay Mitchell at QVC's 2011 Red Carpet Party.

With a classic black cat eye and red lipstick, this looks nothing like the Shay we know now. But is it just the makeup, or something more? I'm noticing a wider nose and thinner upper lip in these early pictures, for starters. 

Shay Mitchell, Somaly Mam Foundation Project Futures Launch, 2011

Shay Mitchell at the Somaly Mam Foundation's 2011 Project Futures Launch.

Another thing to note is how much fuller Shay's face was during this time. She was 24 in this shot, so was it baby fat that she later lost? Or did she have a little nip and tuck to get the sculpted jawline she has now? What we do know for sure is that she loved her false eyelashes and shimmery shadow!

Shay in 2012

Shay Mitchell, Daily Style Sessions with Stella and Dot, H.Bloom and HPNOTIQ, 2012

Shay Mitchell at the 2012 Daily Style Sessions with Stella & Dot, H.Bloom and HPNOTIQ.

Then, there was this surprisingly bare-faced look, which I love. Sans heavy lashes and eyeshadow, you really appreciate her natural beauty. She also lightened the ends of her hair for a subtle, tone-on-tone Ombré effect. 

Shay Mitchell, ABC West Coast Upfronts, 2012

Shay Mitchell at the 2012 ABC West Coast Upfronts.

Shay's hair and makeup really did improve in 2012, as this shot also demonstrates. (It makes sense—celebs always get access to better hairstylists and makeup artists as their fame rises.) In terms of her features, I think this photo clearly shows that her nose was more prominent back in the day.

Shay Mitchell, Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides world premiere, 2011

Shay Mitchell at the 2011 world premiere of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.'

And here we can see what her original nose looked like from the side. It's certainly flatter than the nose she has now (not that there was anything wrong with that!). In fact, I think she looks really beautiful here. Her skin is flawless, her hair is healthy and shiny, and I love the smoky eye makeup.

Shay in 2013

Shay Mitchell, Teen Choice Awards, 2013

Shay Mitchell at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

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From The Skincare Edit Archives

In 2013, Shay rocked these beachy, warm blonde highlights, which gave her a brand new look. (I think the key was keeping the roots dark, to match her brows.) Compared to 2011, her face is noticeably thinner. It may or may not be just weight loss.... for now!

Shay in 2014

Shay Mitchell, GQ Men of the Year Party, 2014

Shay Mitchell at GQ's 2014 Men of the Year Party.

By age 27, however, there was an even bigger difference in Shay's look. She went back to dark hair, for one thing. But it's also the confident pose... and the chiseled face! It looks like fat has been removed from her lower face and jawline. I also suspect a rhinoplasty, although the next few photos will make that even clearer!

Shay in 2015

Shay Mitchell, Lupus LA Orange Ball, 2015

Shay Mitchell at Lupus LA's 2015 Orange Ball.

Before Shay fully committed to the Kardashian aesthetic that she adopted from here on out, there was one last natural (ish!) look on the red carpet. (Other than the Instagram brows, that is.) The major change here is in her smile. If you compare and contrast with 2010, it's obvious that she had veneers done, along with teeth whitening. 

Shay in 2016

Shay Mitchell, Outfest Legacy Awards, 2016

Shay Mitchell at the 2016 Outfest Legacy Awards.

Right when Pretty Little Liars was wrapping up filming for good, Shay debuted her new grown-up beauty vibe. I suppose if she's going to make her living off Instagram now, she has to look the part?! With so much makeup, it's hard to tell what's real, and what's just contour and highlighter. But I think it's fairly apparent, seeing her profile, that the bridge of her nose is not as flat as it was before (not just from the stripe going down the middle!).

Shay in 2017

Shay Mitchell,  Variety and Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration, 2017

Shay Mitchell at the 2017 Variety and Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration.

A few months after the PLL series finale, Shay lightened up her look (she was 30 years old at this point). I actually like this a lot... but there's still something about it that comes across as very "done." I think it's her lips—which are overdrawn with lip liner, yes, but also appear inflated. Her cheekbones may have been enhanced, too, because they're projecting out more.

Shay in 2018

Shay Mitchell, MTV Video Music Awards, 2018

Shay Mitchell at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

In 2018, she continued with the Instagram brows and false lashes, along with lots of contouring (which was actually quite well blended here). But the "ring around the lip gloss" is very Jennifer Lopez! Since she's facing the camera, we have a good view of her nose, and I think you'll agree with me that it's more petite and defined now. Also check out her upper lip, which strikes me as being plumped with filler.

Shay in 2019

Shay Mitchell, Entertainment Weekly SAG Awards Pre-Party, 2019

Shay Mitchell at Entertainment Weekly's 2019 SAG Awards Pre-Party.

That brings us to 2019, and Shay's most dramatic red carpet appearance of all! She's just SO sculpted—when I saw this, I knew I had to find out if it was makeup or something more. Now, I'm convinced it's the latter! Even with all the shading and highlighting, there's been a major change in her nose and jawline. Her forehead is as tight as a drum, so I'm guessing she has dabbled with Botox.

Shay Mitchell Before and After

Shay Mitchell before and after

Shay Mitchell in 2010 (left) and in 2019 (right).

Shay Mitchell before and after

Shay Mitchell in 2011 (left) and in 2018 (right).

When I started to research Shay's beauty evolution, I had no idea that the changes would be so dramatic when I put them side by side. 

Yes, I believe that clever makeup techniques and a little weight loss were involved—but that's not all.

Like the overwhelming majority of celebs we've examined in the Before & After series, Shay appears to have undergone a rhinoplasty. Her nose, which was wider and flatter before, now has a narrower shape, a more refined tip and a built-up bridge. I do think it was good work (and in case you're wondering, this surgery is par for the course in Hollywood!).

There's also been a huge change in her jawline and chin area. I mean, she has no fat there whatsoever now! There is a procedure that can achieve this, and it's called submental liposuction. (This doctor describes it as "a powerful technique for sculpting the lower face.")

I also see evidence of a little filler in her upper lip (and in 2017, her cheeks), although she didn't go overboard and it has started to deflate. Even though she's only 31, she may well have done Botox, too, since her forehead is so incredibly smooth. And let's not forget the porcelain veneers on her teeth.

As for her eyes, she is rumoured to have undergone eyelid surgery, but I just don't know! In some shots, her eyes do seem less hooded, but given her fondness for false lashes, it's impossible to say for sure.

One thing is for certain: Shay looks NOTHING like she did a decade ago!

How do you feel about Shay's beauty evolution?
Which of these looks is your favourite?
What "beauty work" do you think she's had done?

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