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Reviewed: Shiseido Facial Cotton, the Best Cotton Pads Ever Made

"Designer" cotton pads... they're not as ridiculous as they sound. Promise!

Today, I'm going to actually recommend you try designer cotton pads.


I have a VERY good reason to be suggesting them! Actually, several good reasons. So bear with me, because you need to know about Facial Cotton from Shiseido:

Shiseido Facial Cotton

I was randomly sent a huge burlap bag full of these puppies a couple months ago—I'm talking at least 12 big packs, each the size of say, a jumbo set of napkins you'd buy at Ikea. So now you might say I'm fairly well-stocked. But at the time, my thoughts were a) why am I being sent a kajillion designer facial cotton pads, and b) why would anyone in their right mind pay for a designer cotton pad anyway?!

The latter's a good question. (I'm not complaining about having a lifetime supply of these things now!) As it turns out, the difference is that they're made from 100 percent textile-quality cotton; in fact, 15 to 20 sheets of it are layered together to make a single pad.

You notice the difference right away when you use them, because unlike run-of-the-mill drugstore cotton pads (or worse, cotton balls), there's zero fluff or stringy bits left behind when you use them. This is particularly helpful when you're using eye makeup remover, because you don't get any of those annoying fibres caught in your lashes or in your eyes. So good!

They're also super-soft and gentle on your skin, but super-durable. Besides loving them as a conduit for eye makeup remover, I've also tried them with micellar cleansing water. You know how you feel like you're wasting it (same with toner) when you squeeze it on to the cotton and it all seems to soak in and disappear before it lands on your face? These Shiseido guys don't do that. Because there are up to 20 layers of cotton sheets in one single pad, this actually helps to dispense the product on your skin without absorbing into the cotton—the cotton helps carry and release the moisture. You can even try these with regular gel or cream cleansers—kinda like a DIY cleansing cloth kind of thing—and use them to both dispense the product and then wipe it away. (Yep, they can go under water after to rinse and they don't fall apart.) It kinda feels like you're being a fancy facialist from the comfort of your own bathroom. I swear these feel like the pads my esthetician used to remove all my makeup before my last facial.

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But I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, MICHELLE I AM STILL NOT GOING TO BUY DESIGNER FACIAL COTTON PADS.

And I hear you. But what if they didn't actually come with a designer price tag? Let's break this down. I just looked up what are selling their cotton pads for. These are from some company called Make Offs:

Make Offs Supreme Oval Cotton Pads

You get 50 pads for $3.99. Sounds not bad, right?

Well, with the Shiseido ones you get a whopping 165 pads for $9.00. Now, math was never my strong suit, but according to my calculations that works out to just 5 cents per pad. Whereas Make Offs are 8 cents a pop.

WHOA. These aren't a splurge, but a bargain! Now do I sound slightly less ridiculous? Told you to bear with me.

Where to Buy

Find Shiseido Facial Cotton at Nordstrom, Sephora and

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