Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Haircuts for Thick, Straight Hair

These styles won't hide your face.

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Q: Hiya Bill! Two years ago, I had what in retrospect I now think was wonderful long hair, with a fringe. 

Lauren's long hair before she cut it.

I decided I wanted a pixie, but on the day, got talked into this bizarre square-edged bowl cut, which I instantly hated. 

Lauren's hairstylist gave her this bowl cut instead of a pixie.

Since then, I've been lurching between weird haircuts, most recently this horrible, stripy, mega-light, shaggy nonsense, and alternating between staring longingly at that photo of my hair at its longest, and making massive Pinterest boards of Tao Okamoto.

Later, another hairstylist added these highlights.

My hair is generally quite well-behaved; I'm half Chinese and naturally, it's very dark brown, heavy and straight. I've now got it down to the collarbone, so am at a bit of a crossroads, lengthwise. 

My question—before I panic and go to yet another new hairdresser, who will do something disappointing to me—is what would you do, given absolute free reign? Is the pixie crop an idea best forgotten? Should I settle in and wait for it to grow without messing around with it constantly? What would you go for colour-wise? Mould me, Bill! Thank you very much! — Lauren

Lauren isn't sure whether to cut her hair or keep growing it.

A: Lauren, I know you don't like the photo of your highlighted hair… but I do. I really like your hair this shade. It works well with your skin tone and eye colour. 

With this pixie, a darker colour works for you.

Morena Baccarin at the Empire State Building in 2009.

If you want to have dark hair, a looser cut like this is what I recommend.

Tao Okamoto in the August 2011 issue of Vogue China.

You are quite versatile with these style changes, although I am not a big fan of the geometric cuts with a dark colour on you. If you want to wear any of those shapes, then a softer colour would be best.

This geometric cut and colour is softer, and will be more flattering on you.

Brown geometric bob.

You have amazing bone structure and cheekbones without bangs. Pow pow! They pop out… so pretty. I would like to suggest long hair with no bangs.

Kristin Kreuk at the 2015 CW Upfronts.

A dark colour would work with this no-bang, centre-part look as well.

Liu Wen in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of V Magazine.

If you go back to your long locks with bangs, then again, I suggest a softer colour and a split in the bangs so as to not hide your face.

Park So-yeon's long brown hair with split bangs.


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