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How to “Sweat-Proof” Your Makeup Routine

Heat-beating makeup tips for your face, eyes and lips.

Everyone is freaking out about this heat wave! Is it really THAT hot? I say no, but keep in mind that's coming from someone who finds the 32-degree average summer temperature in Singapore (which FEELS like 42) to be pleasantly balmy. I love the tropics!

But that's just me.

I get that it can be a problem, and I won't deny the beauty logistics are a mayjah challenge. Here are my solutions to the top heat-wave beauty woes:

1. SPF that doesn't turn you into a greaseball...

Obvi, if there ever was a day to wear your sunscreen, it's today. Mind you, I totally get why you wouldn't want to. So many of them are oily and goopy and (if they're mineral) can give your face this unflattering white cast.

This is why I keep talking about SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 over and over again. Sorry! But it really is the best. And mineral too!

This year, they've come out with a version that's in a "universal tint," which just means it's slightly beige instead of white. I never had a problem with this giving me the Casper face, but just in case, the tinted is probably the better option over the original. It doesn't give high coverage but it DOES sink in fast and won't grease you up. Totally worth the $39, for serious.

Another option, should you wish to combine your anti-aging with your anti-sun, is this new one from Prevage called Triple Defense SPF 50 Sunscreen Sheer Lotion:

What do I like about this one? Well, as one of my mom's most loved beauty brands, you get all the antioxidant goodness of the Prevage line... plus, the formula is super-sheer and you apply it with the handy built-in brush. Sadly, it's not a mineral formula but you can't have everything, right?

And finally, one more that I've just discovered is from this French Ecocert-certified brand called Kibio. This is their Suncare Face Lotion SPF 50:

Look closely. It says it contains tamanu (oil; which is the trendiest oil right now, didja know?), coconut and vanilla. YUM. You'll want to lick your own face when you put this on. Also? Don't let the initial application deceive you. While the lotion itself is quite runny, it leaves your skin feeling a tad oily for about five minutes until it sinks in completely and then is not greasy at all. Trust! And it's tinted as well, so no ghostly pallor.

Pro tip: Pair your sunscreen with an antioxidant serum underneath for maximum protection. Seriously, go read this post to understand why.

And don't forget your lips! They burn too. I jumped for joy when I found out that eos now has a Lip Balm with SPF 15.

The flavour is Lemon Drop. So cute!

2. A T-zone that doesn't shine with the light of 1,000 suns...

This really is the crux of the problem right here, isn't it? Sometimes the sweat just prevails, but at the very least you want to prep with a primer to give your makeup something to grip on to (and the very best chance of surviving the day).

A few primers I'm digging this season include Talika Skin Retouch:

Givenchy Mister Mat Matifying Foundation Primer:

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And for the eyelids, Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye-Fix Primer:

Of course, there are so many more on the market to choose from—primers have taken off big time in the past year or two.

You'll also want to have oil-blotting sheets on hand... these ones from Boscia (called Green Tea Blotting Linens—so classy!) are hands-down the prettiest EVAH:

It's a better idea to use these instead of powder to get rid of shine throughout the day, because powder will build up and look cakey. And unattractive.

3. Eye makeup that won't migrate down your cheeks or up your eyelids...

I struggle with this one not just when it's hot but year-round, thanks to an eye shape that simply cannot handle eyeshadow. It wants to go up and say hi to my eyebrows all the time. And if I don't keep an eye on it (ha!), my mascara loves to do the same thing in the opposite direction.

It's a struggle. But at the very least one switch I make come summertime is to a waterproof or tubular mascara format. Or this brand newbie from CoverGirl—LashBlast 24Hr Mascara:

What's different about this formula is that it's made from some newfangled polymers that resist oils and last (just like it says) 24 hours. It's early days, but so far, so good. Oh, and you'll need to invest in a good eye makeup remover to get this off.

As for colour, I think it's time for a friendly reminder that Make Up For Ever—who create some of the best quality sweat-proof makeup—have come out with some new waterproof eyeshadow pencils, and they're finally in stores:

These are my pick if you're sweaty-eyelid challenged and must wear a colour this season. A lovely selection of complexion-flattering neutrals, and the formula, though dry (it kinda tugs when you apply it) really does not move.

4. An insta-tan that won't rub off on your clothes

I'm debating whether this year I'll bother with self-tanner at all, or just go full Nicole Kidman. While I'm deciding, this is what I'll be using—NARS Body Illuminator:

It gives just a hint of colour and shimmer to cut the pastiness of white legs or arms. You do need to let it dry thoroughly before dressing, so walk around your place naked for about 10 to 15 mins post-application. Did I mention it smells like monoï, one of the best scents of all time?

Another option is Scott Barnes Body Bling (which I'll be posting more about soon—I got to meet the man himself last month):

Smells delish too, but more subtle than the NARS. Scott advises to just apply it on exposed skin instead of underneath clothing, but I was fine after letting it dry down.

So tell me:

Are you loving or hating this heat wave?

Have you tried any of these prodz yet?

What are YOUR sun- and sweat-proofing beauty tips?

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