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Elsa Pataky Has the Best Short Haircut I've Ever Seen

Thinkin' about chopping your hair? Seriously consider this style.

Have you seen this haircut? I don't follow Elsa Pataky very closely (i.e. at all), so I had no idea the Spanish actress (who's married to Chris Hemsworth, the lucky B) cut off her hair last year.

It used to look like this:

Nice too—although with cheekbones like that, you can pretty much do what you want. (I will say I'm not so into the ashy root area... it's why I'm a big advocate of double process colour. Although again: she's so beautiful that she can do whatever she wants.)

Anyway, the cut. Usually I don't even like short hair that much, but I think it looks incredible on Elsa. Here's the side view:

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Those side-swept bangs... the beachy, choppy texture... how she's complimented the look with flirty top lashes and liner... please excuse me while I'm having a beauty-gasm.

Here's the front again:

I strongly, strongly encourage anyone who's thinking of going short this summer to consider the Elsa.

And if the pics I've shown you so far don't convince you, then maybe you need to see this one:

Look at her expression! It's like the cat that ate the canary. "Yeah, my hair's short and it looks AMAZING and so does the man beside me." Jealous much? I know I am!

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Do you like Elsa's hair here?

Have you ever gone that short (and would you ever again)?

Any other haircuts you're loving lately?

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