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How to Grow Out Bleached, Damaged Hair

Patience is the name of the game.
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Q: I am 5'6", with green eyes and fine, blonde hair. I’ve been dyeing my hair for 12 years now. My hair is very damaged and dry. 

Sonia's hair is dry and damaged from colouring her hair blonde for more than a decade.

I can honestly say that I lost half of my hair in the last seven years or so, and I believe the main reason for it is colouring my hair blonde. I would like to grow my hair long again, but it seems impossible. What hair colour would you suggest for me? — Sonia

A: Sonia, thank you for this opportunity to help you out. 

I am pretty sure that when you stop bleaching your hair, you will find it grows in a lot thicker. It will take some time to rejuvenate after all of these years and patience is the name of this game.

After having such a strong look for so long, it will be withdrawal for you making the transition. 

This colour would be a great shift—it is the adult version of your childhood colour.

Light brown hair.

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Here is a cut that would be a great start to cutting off the skinny ends before you grow it out. Your bang area looks thick, so it is worth keeping that long.

Claire Danes with short hair.

I feel that bobby pins and hairbands will be your best friends for styling while growing out.

Bobby pins to pin back mid-length hair.

Rachael Taylor at the 2012 premiere of 'Any Questions For Ben?'

You could totally rock this easy updo by just pinning the sides back and being creative with your bang.

Olivia Wilde at the 2011 Fresh Air Fund Salute to American Heroes.

As a long-term goal, I would appreciate you sending in another photo when you get on the road to a longer length. This way, I will see what you have to work with and I would be happy to guide you through style to style. 


Bill Angst is one of Canada’s top celebrity hairstylists and the owner of Angst Salon at 240 Queen Street East in Toronto. Call 416-360-5942 to book an appointment.